Spoiled Children of Divorce

The Octuplet Mom
February 17, 2009, 4:45 am
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On January 26, 2009 a woman named Nadya Suleman gave birth to Octuplets.  These babies were the first Octuplets to all survive in the United States but because Suleman is a Single Mother the world is turning against her.  Instead of offering to help her with her children people are sending death threats.  The online knitting community that I belong to is doing nothing but insulting her.  As a kid who watched my Mother fall apart because she knew how the world treats single women I am devastated by the level of cruelty that is being aimed at this woman.  She is not beyond criticism.  She couldn’t afford to raise the 6 children that she’s already got. The Doctors did nothing to counsel her for what was obviously unrealistic behavior.  She evidently had plastic surgery to make herself look “marketable.” Some Plastic Surgeon probably did the surgeries for free just to practice making somebody look like Angelina Jolie.  It was a really crazy thing to do, maybe delusional, maybe an act of desperation.

It seems that she did this for attention and for money.  But, the thing is she needs help.  Her children need help.  I guess we’re all going to stand by and let her deal with this on her own.  If for some weird reason a man were to suddenly have to take care of 14 kids everyone would be there pitching in.  There’s another family that had 8 children, but one died at birth.  I’m sure this family couldn’t afford the kids either, the parents didn’t have to opt for multiple births either, but, because the parents were married nobody insulted them. They were probably sent Pampers by the boatload.

Why are we treating this one woman so badly?  Like it or not, she just made medical news.  Those babies were meant to be born.

Suleman can’t afford to raise her children on her own.  I just tried to check for the Suleman family’s website to find the address for donations but it has been shut down.  I heard that her publicist had been receiving death threats.  I’m writing this out of total disgust.  What the Hell is the matter with people?

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