Spoiled Children of Divorce

11 Year Old Boy Shoots & Kills Pregnant Step-Mother
February 22, 2009, 6:14 pm
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Awful story about an 11 year old boy in Pennsylvania who allegedly shot his Step-Mother in the back of the head while she was sleeping and then went off to school.  The Step-Mother, age 26, was 8 months pregnant and her 4 year old daughter found her body.


The coverage of the story is a joke which doesn’t mention anything about the levels of tensions that exist in Step-Families.  The Step-Mother’s parents say the boy was “jealous” of the Step-Mother and her daughter.  The Father said he didn’t have a clue what was going on.

This is so damn idiotic.  Now the kid is being tried as an adult.  What was a stressed out 11 year old boy doing with free access to guns for anyway?

We will never hear about all the mean and petty things the Step-Mother did to the kid in order to make him feel left out.  We will never hear about how the Father is responsible for this whole thing by being oblivious to it.  We don’t know if the kid has a Mother off in the wings somewhere as well to contend with (and probably defend).

If your kid goes to school and has to deal with a group of bullies you tell him to beat the bullies back.  But if you are married to a bully you expect the kid to just sit there and take it.  I’m not saying that this is what happened in this case, the Step-Mother may have been a great person. Because of the harassment that this blog has been receiving from the Step-Parents, I certainly think that would be an exceptional situation.   An d  I doubt you’d find a whole lot of Step-Children who would assume that she was a sweetheart, and probably because of a personal experience they have.

May that woman’s soul rest in peace.  Wouldn’t it be nice if a case like this could lead to a reality check and eye opening to parents and society and the media (won’t even try to reason with psychologists) about how much stress a kid can take on.

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I just wanted to comment, that the Step situation can work both ways…

I am currently in a relationship with a man with children. We were suppose to marry, but it has been postponed, due to the children’s hostility. One child has threatened my life and my family felt I would be unsafe.

I really believe that jealously can be dangerous. The hostility I have encountered has been damaging and very hurtful. These children have found every way possible to remind me that I am a failure, who is not welcome in their family. I’ve done nothing to them and have cried many times, after their hurtful behavior. I agreed to no children with their father and no formal wedding. Maybe they will mature and change, but the damage has already been done. The only thing that keeps me going is that they have to live with their behavior. I have a clear mind, knowing that I’ve done nothing to these people.

So please don’t be so quick to judge a young woman, who is not alive to defend herself. That young man, also killed his own brother. 😦

Btw, I come from a blended family. My brothers had the highest repect for my father and love me. I am grateful.

Comment by EB

Hi EB,

Feel sorry for the kids who have obviously learned to fight with others from their warring, divorcing parents.

Take a big breath and walk away for once in your life (unless you’re a vindictive, dependent, money hungry, drunk/tweeker/biker chick who enjoys bad situations).

P.S., this blog is for people who were raised by divorced parents, not for whiners from other situations.

Comment by toothless

What a tragedy! My heart breaks for all of them. I am a “step-mother”. There had to be issues going on that were ignored for that child to feel his only option was to shoot this woman. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t a nice person but step families can be very delicate relationships as everyone adjusts to new roles. I’m just saying that there must have been signs and they should have been addressed. I’ve spent hours and gone to “classes” to ensure that my two “bonus daughters” never felt like they were being replaced or eclipsed by my presence in their father’s life or by their new siblings. Granted, there are situations wherein the child simply will never accept the new spouse. In those situations the adults have an obligation to address the problem not just ignore it. Again, this is so tragic. For the woman and the unborn baby, for this little boy and everyone who loves and cares for them. I suspect that this didn’t have to end this way.

Comment by Kristen

The truth is that we will never know both sides of the story because the stepmom is dead.

I’m a stepmom of an 11 year old boy and the truth is that there are some children that just can’t be saved or helped. Mine has been going to counseling, I treat him like my own and when I got pregnant he still I treated him even better to make sure he wasn’t feeling left out. Yet he threatened my unborn child, constantly wished the baby dead and when the child was born tried to sufficate it with a blanket.

We’ve been to family counseling and the counselor told us there was nothing we could do because we’d already done it all. So now of course stepson is living with his grandparents instead of us because I have to protect the baby first.

The truth is that this stepmom could have been absolutely wonderful and did everything possible to make the stepson feel loved but there are just some kids out there that can’t be helped

Comment by Angie

The stepparents that are whining that the kids are bullying them need to grow up. Get over yourselves. These are children and you’re the adult. Listen to yourselves: “some children can’t be helped.” How about either you conclude you are NOT meant to part of their family or you are obviously displaying the attitude you displayed on here towards them and they pick up on it so you should change?

Not that it matters, but I went through HELL with my dad’s girlfriend throughout my teenage years. Constant torment because she was childish like you. She made up lies about me and tried to turn my dad against me. Yet, when I started dating my now ex longterm boyfriend, I made SURE to always treat them with respect and love. I received it in return. I dated their dad for 8 years and although we’re no longer together, those kids will ALWAYS be MY kids.

Before you start thinking you’re a damn princess and deserve their daddy’s love and their impeding, why don’t you consider you knew what it was when you got in it? You decided to date a man with children. That’s it. You should expect that they should come first.

Not that this will matter since the last comment was nearly a year ago, but for the future spoiled brats who want to post whines, this is the response. It’s you. Not them.

Comment by I'm Right

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