Spoiled Children of Divorce

What Other People Say
March 10, 2009, 2:29 am
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One of my most prominent memories from my parents’ divorce was the discussion over the Child Support.  This is a real bartering tool during Divorce and lets the children know exactly how much they are valued.

So, I was reminded of it by reading this gossip column/forum type thingee concerning a Celebrity Divorce.  Although it’s a bunch of anonymous people ranting anonymously on the Internet it actually does remind me of the types of verbal “considerations” that were going on in my family.  And no doubt in my community.

The link to the article is here:


The Celebrity involved is Baby Phat dress designer Kimora Lee Simmons.  She has two daughters with her ex-husband Russell Simmons.  She won a Child Support settlement of $480,000 “for her children.”

The discussion, of course, discussed how the children would obviously be brought up as spoiled rich kids.  I doubt this discussion would have happened if their parents had remained married.  It just totally amazes me that people will pick on kids who are going through this situation.  No one, absolutely no one on the board felt any sense of loss for the children.  After Death, I doubt that these people would have discussed the Children’s financial situation.

Of course, the Mother, Kimora was ripped to shreds.  All the usual.  She was called a gold digger, a slut, a bad mother.  People were saying they would no longer buy her clothes.  People, I suppose, expect her to be a victim.  Women work well in that situation.  I assume that most of the people on the forum were females but on the Internet you never know.  This may just be a publicity stunt.  At any rate, the comments were very accurate discussions of how people in communities discuss their friends’ divorces.  Some of the participants were praising her shrewdness.   Marriage is a business deal, after all.  Everyone took a side.

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