Spoiled Children of Divorce

Fathers Who Kill Because of Divorce
April 5, 2009, 10:18 pm
Filed under: Abandonment, indifferent parents, Raised by non-relatives, Violence

On Friday night James Harrison and his 16 year old daughter found their wife/mother in a store with another man.  The wife is said to have argued with Harrison and told him that she was leaving him for this other man.  On Saturday afternoon the neighbors called the police to check on the Harrison’s five children.  The police found the 5 children in their home, shot dead.  Harrison later killed himself.


This is probably a common attitude towards the children in a marriage that is falling apart. It’s great when the media reports these stories because the Psychology community likes to keep them private.

The Yahoo article linked to says that Harrison had a controlling personality and was often heard yelling at his kids.  Mrs. Harrison had 1st become pregnant when she was 13.

From the little that I can tell of these people’s lives I can say this is a good argument for using birth control and for bothering to continue to parent kids when they are in their teens so that they don’t get caught making mistakes that they won’t be able to handle later on in life.

It would also be great if parents who are planning on leaving their spouses make plans to get their children out of the house before making the Big Announcement.  This is something that one needs to put some thought into.  If the spouse is abusive the behavior will only direct itself in ten times worse ways towards the kids after he/she is dumped.  Being dumped hurts even if you’re an abusive jerk.  Leave the kids with relatives or friends or neighbors.  Do not leave them with the dumped parent.  Do not let them see their parent in that state.

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