Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Lisa and Laura Ling
April 18, 2009, 7:00 pm
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Journalists Lisa and Laura Ling are sisters who were raised by their Father in Sacramento, California.  Hence, they will be included here in the Exemplaries files.  Both women are very independent and successful reporters who work mostly in foreign relations.

Lisa Ling is the eldest sister and is very well known.  According to the link listed below she was 7 years old when her parents divorced.  She began her career early in Broadcast Journalism at Age 16.  She is very well known for her many reporting duties mostly relating to International Affairs and for her work on “The View” where she gave a 20 something viewpoint.  I’ve never watched the show but some internet sources say that her Mother appeared on the show with Lisa.

I’m not sure of her age but younger sister Laura is also a foreign correspondent (edit:  Huffington Post says Laura is 32 years old, b. 1976 or 77, she’s married).  While covering a story for Al Gore’s Current TV,  she was arrested with fellow report Euna Lee for entering the North Korean borders. (Edit:  I believe that Euna Lee is 36 years old, married, with a 4-year old daughter).  The two were investigating the lives of refugees who escape from North Korea into China.  They are being detained and are said to be awaiting trial to determine their innocence or guilt.  If found guilty they will be detained in North Korean Prison camps for up to 10 years.

Please send prayers to Laura and Euna.  I’m unclear about whether anyone else in their party was detained, but apparently at least one crew member managed to escape.


Father talks briefly about raising his daughters and saying that they were always independent and strong-minded.  http://www.kcra.com/news/18967738/detail.html.  He says “I always worry.”  Mr. Ling is native Chinese born and worked as an aviation supervisor for the Air Force.

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This are 2 spoiled journalist who knows better, we have enough problems in USA, we cant afford a new one. They probably write a book and become millionares when they comeback to USA anyways, take a look of the big picture first, hello! the economy is bad and we need like solutions for that not a new problem! people is losing their jobs and homes, while 2 spoiled journalist that want fame and money went to a Country when they know better not to.

Comment by USAtaxpayer

Spoiled? Not a chance. Freedom in the U.S. depends on people who fight for freedom of rights. Most countries try to base their government on serving their people, therefore they have nothing to hide and allow journalists to pass through. This might look like invasion to countries who have something to hide.

These two women have heritage in the countries they were reporting on. It is natural that they would have a strong desire to know if their cousins are suffering and to report this to the world. True Americans have higher ideologies and can understand what is going on here.

North Korea is the spoiled brat here. Kim Jong Il is allowing huge amounts of his people to suffer because of his out-dated ideologies and selfish need to be powerful. Aristotle figured out more than 2,000 years ago that Tyranny is a very efficient method of governance but is by far the lousiest when serving the people. Read his book on Ethics.

Comment by toothless

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