Spoiled Children of Divorce

“Night At the Museum 2”
May 28, 2009, 6:48 pm
Filed under: Movies About Growing Up in Divorce

Last week end I went to see the new Ben Stiller movie Night at the Museum 2.

Since the title has a “2” in it I suppose that this is a sequel which may have set up Stiller’s character better with regards to his divorce and his relationship with his one son.  At any rate, in this movie Stiller has become successful with his own business and finds that he really liked his old job.

Stiller’s character is a divorced single dad who shares custody with his ex for his one son.  I’m assuming that the first movie gave him more of a relationship with the son but in this movie I came away not understanding why they even put the kid in the show.  Stiller’s character is completely self-involved and his son isn’t involved in his transformation at all except as a tiny character who helps him with his problems from afar with his computer.  During the last big victory scene I don’t think the kid is present at all.  Stiller just walks off with his new love interest.

Is this how parents see their lives now in relation to their children?  What about the kids who are taken to see this movie?  This is how they see their role portrayed in their parents’ lives.  The kid doesn’t eat, he doesn’t have friends, he just sits at his computer and waits for his father to call to ask for help.  This is particularly bad because this movie is essentially a kid’s fantasy movie.

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