Spoiled Children of Divorce

Allegedly Bad Children of Divorce – Tyler Hayes Weinman

Tyler Weinman is 18 years old and has just graduated from High School. He was arrested just after midnight on Sunday night for the recent gruesome killings of cats in Southern Florida. At least 33 cats have recently been found dead in the areas where Tyler’s parents live, mostly in the area around his Father’s house.

Tyler lives with his Mother in Cutler Bay, Florida.  His Father and Step-Mother live a mile or two away. Tyler Weinman is a Child of D.

Yes, Mom and Dad are Divorced and it seems that Tyler spends a lot of time trafficking between the two homes.  And his path to and fro is where the cats are dying.  Maybe it’s best if the parents live far apart so that their kids have to spend most of their travel time at the airport.  Don’t think there’s a big cat population at the airport that they can take their frustrations out on.

So this is one of the few cases where a Divorce situation is being openly discussed by the media.  And suddenly there is much discussion about how kids from broken homes are cat killers because, well, you know, it’s stressful coming from a broken home.  (Strangely, the Psychologists and the Parents don’t know about this stress, but the Police know it, the Whiners from the Intact Families who always complain about how much better their childhoods would have been if only their parents had divorced, they suddenly know it too.)

So then we have to back track. Half of all the kids running around in the United States are growing up in Divorce.  Half of all the kids in the country aren’t killing their neighbors’ cats.   (Of course, it’s difficult to read about Tyler’s life and not feel a bit of empathy for how stressful it must be.)  Tyler’s Father is remarried so at least one half of Tyler’s set of families is happy in the eyes of society.  But that brings up the discussion about how he’s obviously a sociopath because he doesn’t get along with his Step-Mother.  Mom’s life is not reported. I don’t know if Tyler has siblings.   Tyler’s father is a Dentist which indicates money.  To me that indicates a split financial situation between households and a lot of fighting over money, but the folks from the Intact Families say it’s a sure sign that:  Tyler is a Spoiled Child of Divorce.

The police are not letting out pertinent information with regards to Tyler’s case. This could be fueling the media’s early “conviction” of Tyler based on his family status.  What else are they going to talk about after all?

We don’t know if Tyler killed the cats but I suppose the police wouldn’t have arrested him if they weren’t pretty sure.  They had secretly put a tracker on his car and had been following him around for weeks, after all.  They had been staking out his Father’s house.  Tyler has been released with an ankle bracelet and a big bond payment and he will receive psychiatric evaluations.

I may have wrong information here but I believe that Tyler’s first arrest came a couple of days after the first dead cat showed up.  The neighbors immediately pointed their fingers at him.  The police didn’t find cat blood but they did find pot in his car and discovered that he was driving with a suspended license  according to this article. Then they stopped him for skateboarding at 2:00 am dressed in black.  That’s suspicious unless your only other choice is to try to sleep in a house with a screaming parent. Of course, I don’t know about Tyler’s home life.  You never, ever ask about the parents Divorce situation or mental status.  It is assumed that they mean well.

The media has incorrectly reported that Tyler was first arrested while attending his Senior Prom.  Tyler’s neighbors supposedly told the media that he was carted off while wearing his Tuxedo.  It turns out that his prom took place 3 weeks before the first killing occurred.

There’s discussion over Tyler’s mugshot which alone really does seem to convict him.  He looks pretty sociopathic because he’s smiling, smirking, as it’s being called.  But, who knows what’s going here?  Since he’s a pothead and was arrested late at night while at a party it makes sense that he was probably high.  He may have not been very lucid and he may not have been told what he had been arrested for and he may have been assuming that this was another pot charge.  Potheads always have those devastating smiles.  The photographer had probably told him to wipe the grin off his face and in his state of mind this was the best he could do.

The media is concentrating on the fact that Tyler doesn’t get along with his Step-Mother and is obviously motivated to kill cats because she has cats.  She has 9 cats which is a little OCD, IMO (and I’m a cat person).

It sounds like Tyler likes cats, anyway.  If what I read is true and sorry I don’t have a link, one of Tyler’s Mom’s neighbors says that Tyler owns a cat which he took in as a stray.  Tyler also has a girlfriend.  Or had a girlfriend.  His alleged homosexuality has come up for discussion as well as his Jewish last name.  Boy, this is really creepy.  With these attitudes I’d say that just about anybody living in South Florida would be capable of killing a cat.

I’m not saying that Tyler is innocent.  If he did these crimes then he is seriously disturbed.  But the media’s reporting of this case is even more disturbing.  Guess I’m adding to it…

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Thanks for the article. I’ve been following this case from afar. I first caught wind of it on DrudgeReport and started following it on Google News because I was curious why, with so little evidence, so many people were willing to convict this kid, who’s just a few years younger than I am. Seeing as I haven’t seen any real evidence come out yet, I’m very interested this may be another Duke lacrosse tragedy.

Anyway back to your article. It seems like this is the first instance of someone who’s taken a step back and rationally covered the event and noted the outrageous reaction some have had to it. I’m glad to have read it and I hope in the future this case is reported more similar to how you have.

Comment by Steve

Thanks Steve. The police say they aren’t releasing information. It seems they were watching Tyler’s every move and tracking his car. If they don’t have solid evidence then they have gone a little overboard in trapping this kid, that’s for sure. I wish the media would report on that kind of thing. On the other hand, we’re not hearing about more cat killings which is a good sign.

Comment by toothless

The description of the animal killing is shocking and disturbing. I dont understand why the penalty is so minimal. It indicates serious sickness. Many serial killers also tortured small animals. This perpetrator could be a sociopath in the making or even a psychopath. There are gobs of children of divorce (myself included) who do not react with this level of violence. IMO this whole thing is taken too lightly.

Comment by j. herring

It appears that the killings have stopped now that Tyler has been caught so it does seem that he could be connected. That’s an extremely serious crime. Thank you for pointing that out.

I’m against the extreme humiliation and automatic accusation that the media was fueling. If Tyler were innocent of this crime he would be destroyed by false accusations. These are very serious crimes but public humiliation of an innocent person is also an extremely serious crime (imo). That is why the court systems are set up the way they are.

Comment by toothless

As it turns out, Weinman was exonerated. The killings were done by stray pit bulls, which were caught around the time Weinman was captured.

When I first heard of this case, I was furious. I wanted to travel to Florida to kill Weinman myself. My wife and I have two much-beloved cats ourselves, Barack and Hillary, who were little baby kittens at the time.

Then, much by accident, this story appeared on the Internet (2 1/2 years after the fact) so I Googled Tyler Hayes Weinman to find out the disposition of the case. To my amazement and shock, I learned he was exonerated.

I am usually one who believes in due process, and that accusations are just that — accusations. But I remember how angry I was when I first heard of this.

Let this be a lesson to me.

Comment by Dan Silagi

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the update and for sharing the story about your own reaction. Wow, what a mess things can be. I hope Weinman is in college somewhere on the West Coast.

I’m glad that Barack and Hillary are still alive, both the cat version and the people version.

Comment by wristwatch

Tyler’s parents’ divorce was amicable and he got along very well with his step-mother. He was living full-time with his mother when he was wrongfully accused and arrested. Tyler was a very normal, well-adjusted, happy kid who was excited about starting his summer job and then going off to college in the fall when he fell victim to this horrendous witch hunt on 6/13/09.

A forensics expert determined that the cats had been killed by a dog. (Note: Animal Services captured 2 large vicious wild dogs with cat scratches the same morning of Tyler’s arrest.) On 11/24/10 charges were dropped and he was exonerated. However, that was after almost 18 months of living under very strict house arrest and having his name and reputation trampled on by the media, bloggers and strangers that fueled the injustice of it by posting and repeating disgraceful rumours and assumptions about him.

People should be very angry about this case because if it happened to Tyler, it could happen to you too.

Comment by Mande

Hi Mande,

Do you know why it took so long for the experts to figure out what happened and to clear Tyler’s name?

Comment by wristwatch

The evidence; DNA reports and hair samples that came back negative and the information about the dogs being captured the same day, was withheld for a very long time.

Read the lawsuit. It says that it took more than 14 months for them to reveal that 2 large vicious dogs had been seized in the area of Cutler Bay by Animal Services the very same day (June 13, 2009) as Tyler’s arrest and the end of the cat killings.

Also, the expert who determined that the cats were killed by dogs didn’t conduct the necropsies on the remaining cats until 15 months after Tyler’s arrest. Two months later, the results and photographs were presented to the Animal Services’ Vet, the one who originally did the necropsies and “confirmed” that the cats had been killed by a human being, and she agreed with his findings. She admitted that she should have peeled back the fur in her necropsies, which would have revealed the puncture wounds.


Comment by Mande

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