Spoiled Children of Divorce

Does Neptune Rule Children of D?
August 2, 2009, 10:22 pm
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I’m going to start doing more Astrobabble here because I really need to rev myself back up with my research project wherein I study the effect of divorce on Children of D and how it can affect their lives later on.  Warning this is pretty babbly, and it might be a bit too techno-astro-babbly.

The Main point of what I’m trying to say here is:

  • to respond to an astrological idea that Children of Divorce are somehow connected to the planet Neptune and to point out that probably Neptune is one of the least likely planets to be involved in study of Children of Divorce.
  • I also want to show that the masse Divorce phenomenon within society probably occurred as a result of Pluto’s transit through Virgo, especially as it experienced the conjunction to Uranus and opposition to Saturn in Pisces.  These are the trends that the kids were born into.
  • Their parents were most likely Pluto in Cancer people who were born into a trend that needs to rip apart what doesn’t work within the family unit.
  • Pluto’s transit through Libra in the 1970s and early 1980s represents a time, overall, when the idea of Marriage (Libra ruled) was to be ripped apart in the same way.
  • Due to Pluto’s odd orbital path, Pluto is staying in signs for shorter and shorter periods of time.  This means that there will be shorter Plutonian generations of kids born in the signs since Virgo to the present, Capricorn.
  • This also means that these kids can expect to go through the intense, crisis oriented Plutonian square transit much earlier in life.  The average Pluto in Libra person experiences this transit in early to mid-30s.  The average Pluto in Gemini or Cancer person experienced it while in their 50s.


Today I picked up the recent Dell Horoscope Magazine.  Sorry I didn’t pay attention to which Month, it is the current one so maybe August, maybe September?  This magazine was my stand-by for exposure to Astrology when I was young and today it publishes articles written by outstanding astrologers who write in an easy to understand format for the general public.  However, I’m a little annoyed by a small reference to Children of D in the current issue…  (and I know this is because current Astrologers fashion their beliefs on the Psychology profession and the Psychology profession is mostly run by Children from Intact families who have built a lucrative industry out of divorce so they are not about to find fault with it through intelligent study of the kids in the affected families).

If you’ve ever looked at Dell Horoscope you will notice that they wedge in little astrological observations that written in italics within the other articles.  These are like little “sound-bites” which actually give as much information as the longer articles.

Flipping through I was intrigued by the words “Children” and “Divorce” included in the same sentence.  Generally Astrology books will include lengthy information about step-children and will lump step-parents in with parents in general, and that’s about all the traditional information we have.  I was a little upset by the comment because it said that Children of D tend to be ruled by Neptune when Neptune is natally in either the 4th or the 10th houses which are the houses which rule Home and Parents.  The blurb said that this is also a signature for Orphans.

Orphans the same as Children of Divorce?  Fie.  This signifies the general weak understanding of people who look at divorce from the outside.  Almost half of adults living in the United States right now grew up in Divorce and certainly not all of them have Neptune anywhere near the 4th or 10th Houses.  Orphans are definitely ruled by the sign of Pisces and Neptune as ruler of that sign rules Charity, Loss, Institutions (as well as psychic intelligence, empathy, creativity, artistic talent to name a few of the positive aspects).  Orphans have no parents so they suffer a great loss and must learn to assume a humble stance with others in order to survive, very Piscean.  Children of Divorce are not supported by Charity or Institutions.  They are lucky if they can find support from their multitudinous and ever-expanding families.  Mostly, they must keep face and not complain and forgive others their indiscretitions (and move out at Age 18 when Child Support stops).

Children of D might lose one parent but they definitely are not Orphans.  In most cases they suffer from the exact opposite situation where they suffer from too many parents.  With this in mind they might be considered ruled not by Pisces but by its polar opposite sign, Virgo.  Astrological dates seem to confirm this as divorced families sort of blew up to huge proportions as the Pluto in Virgo generation (born late 1950s to very early 1970s) grew up.  As a matter of fact, there was a huge generational outer planet configuration that occurred in the mid 1960s in which Uranus (revolution, sudden events) was in conjunction with Pluto (change, emotional crises) in Virgo and was opposing Saturn (rules Fathers, Loss).  Both Uranus and Pluto create large changes within societies.  Kids born during this time were automatically going to be born into a time of revolution and change.  This would have happened in the sign of Virgo.  Pisces is involved because of its polarity to Virgo and also because the conjunction was opposed by Saturn, but it is not ruling the central idea of what’s going on here.  Virgo is self-sufficient and is expected to give to others.  Only if it performs according to these expectations will it receive in return.

Uranus is often the general “go to” planet for Divorce as it rules awakenings, society on a very advanced level, intellectual experimentation, but also sometimes an emptiness of feeling and caring.  It also tends to see people as a collective group, not hampered by small societal restrictions or individual needs.

Virgo is an earth sign. It is analytical, practical, receptive, is not comfortable within the limelight or with posing in any heroic type of way.

Virgo is one of the middle signs of the Zodiac along with Libra, which rules Marriage.  Being in the middle is a central theme for Children of D.

It is interesting that during the 70s, many of the Pluto in Virgo kids were being raised by Pluto in Cancer parents.  During the 70s when Pluto moved into Libra, the sign of marriage and as Libra rules Marriage and Pluto likes to tear down in order to get rid of what is no longer effective, the timing couldn’t match the actual Divorce phenomenon more closely.

The Pluto in Cancer people were dealing with all things Cancerian and Fourth House which rules family, tradition, tribe, memory, etc.  Pluto is known as the Phoenix.  He burns everything down as a way of weeding out what doesn’t work so that only the strongest element will survive.   This is to make people aware of their real powers.

During a Pluto square (which the Pluto in Cancer people began to experience during the 70s when Pluto moved into Libra), people face a huge challenge from Pluto to proceed with his destiny.  In the Pluto in Cancer generation’s case this was to weed out things that didn’t work through the Libra area of life.  Libra rules Marriage, one on one partners, diplomacy, mental harmony, balance, (and also open enemies).  Unfortunately, I think that some of what happened was that “the baby (Cancer) was thrown out (Pluto) with the bath water” regarding Child Rearing and sense of personal responsibility to Children.  Pluto works through extreme behaviors and sort of screws up a bit through extreme behaviors with his purging transits.

It’s interesting to notice the change in length of Pluto’s transits through signs for the generations that began to grow up in Divorce in mass quantities.  They are much shorter so there are fewer Children born with Pluto in the signs and they also go through their Pluto Square transits much earlier in life.

Because Pluto’s orbit is so irregular, his transits become much shorter in the signs Virgo through Sagittarius.  As Pluto rules deep, inexpressable feelings and motivations this makes sense with regards to being raised to compromise one’s self for one’s parent’s needs on a mass scale within society.  Pluto also rules crisis on a mass scale.

I’m starting to re-read Stephanie Stall’s incredible book The Love They Lost (all the way through this time) and was dumb-founded to find that Staal describes growing up with her parents’ divorce as a very Pluto in Virgo type of experience: (I’m not sure whether she’s a Pluto in Virgo or Libra actually).

“There were no provocative questions, no reassurances that everything would be okay.  I stepped into this vacuum of feeling and focused on the details, like where I would spend my vacations and holidays. (p. 36).”

Staal is constantly describing the fragmented lifestyle, living with odd pieces of a puzzle that’s difficult to put together, and existing with no cohesive whole.  Very Virgonian type of existence.

In the end, I suspect that Divorce has many different rulers through Astrology.  Moon, Pluto and Venus are certainly right up there as well as Uranus and Saturn for fear, caution and self esteem issues.  Neptune could be included as well for its ability to dissolve what it touches, and also for its connection with escapism and addiction and mental illness, and also extreme feelings of confusion if one parent leaves and doesn’t keep contact with the child.  But, Divorce actually helps to alleviate some of these types of Neptunian problems.  For as long as people have been raising kids, parents have been disappearing who can’t handle the responsibility.  Within a society that accepts a broken marriage, there is more openness about the parent who fails in his duties.  People have been trying to figure out a way to raise their children without staying in a miserable marriage.  They make huge mistakes as parents, in the meantime.  These problems needed carefully Virgo attention to details in order to study effects.  These kids come from such varying backgrounds that they probably can’t be studied in masse.  Just because growing up in Divorced families has been found to profoundly hurt 25 percent of the children, it doesn’t mean that these children can all be “diagnosed” as ADHD or Depressed and then pilled.

On page 54 Staal writes “there’s no easy way to lose your home, just–according to one woman — “different kinds of pain.”


“While parents who divorce have obviously reached a breaking point in their love and commitment to each other, children’s awareness of the strife in their marriage varies greatly, depending not only on their capacity for understanding but the ways in which their parents chose to express their unhappiness.  We often responded to their decision to divorce according to how our parents’ marriage fell apart:  shock and disbelief for those of us hit with the news with the lightning speed of a car crash;  sadness and perhaps even relief for those of us who watched our parents’ marriages go through a proteacted period of collapse before they divorced.”

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