Spoiled Children of Divorce

Saturn Into Libra
October 29, 2009, 12:02 am
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Tomorrow Saturn will be moving into the Astrological Sign that rules Marriage.  That’s Libra.  For about the last year Saturn has been opposing Uranus which is the sign that is often considered to rule Divorce.  They are being squared by the planet that rules, among other things, Crises and deep Psychological Change.  Rules themselves are being reviewed.  Saturn likes to set the rules and keep the traditions going.  Uranus like to rebel against those rules and invent new ways of doing things.  Pluto wants to control from behind the scenes.

People need to consciously bring patience, humility and caring into their lives.  Be aware that fear is going to be at the root of most of the obnoxious things that people are going to do to each other over the next year and a half.  This is fear that can’t totally be expressed in words so they might try to use Force.

If relationships are too difficult, realize that time and distance might be the only thing that can keep things together.  A huge reaction will bring about a huge problem while these guys are working together.  It’s important to protect yourself by taking the high road.  Well, and watch your back.

This aspect is repeating a theme that was introduced in the mid-1960s, but could also bring up similar problems that were hatched in .  It could bring about some sudden shocks which could induce terror.

Eat right.  Drink enough water. Exercise.  Take Time Outs.  Keep your dignity and respect others.  This is a great time to take a martial arts class to avoid feeling victimized.

Don’t smother anyone with your kindness or they will use you.  Don’t assume that you are as giving as you think you are.  People will tend to be selfish during this transit, you included.  Wisdom is needed now.  Conserve your energy.  Look for the humor in what’s going on.   Cooperate, but don’t annihilate.

If you want to Force something, Force yourself to visualize how to improve the World.  The problems that exist in human relations will probably begin to be glaringly obvious.

This transit is due to not only bring big changes to some people but it will most affect people who have strong emphasis in their astrology charts on the cusps between Pisces/Aries, Gemini/Cancer, Virgo/Libra, and Sagittarius/Capricorn.  These are very important points in the charts that rule coincide with the changes of the Seasons.

The Boys Are Back
October 23, 2009, 8:25 am
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The Boys are Back is an Australian movie about a man whose second wife dies leaving him with his 6-year old son to raise alone while in the middle of grieving.  The entire vibe of the household changes as the single Father sets up house the way he thinks is fitting.  And then into this commotion his English first wife sends their son over to visit.  The Father hasn’t seen this son in 8 years (I might have the years wrong).

The marquee outside the movie theater said this is based on a real story which is believable because, although in the end all problems seem to have been solved (which is unlikely because no Father who is that good looking is going to be single for such a long time) the relationships and the way the emotions come out really does seem genuine.  The feelings of the children is explored.  This isn’t just another film about an American parent who has to think of some way to make his child useful to his life.  The older son from the divorced older family is clearly left out of the picture, feels like the oddball out for a very long time in the story and the Father confronts these feelings.  He confronts his absentee Fathering.  There’s no denial.  The Father takes an active role as a parent rather than letting the relationship slide.  So I guess it really is make-believe because that just doesn’t happen in real life.

Although death and divorce are talked about in one breath together in real life they are really so much different, especially for the kids.  Death brings finality. The grief involved has to do with coming to terms with complete loss.  Divorce brings complete loss of secure family (which can’t be discussed), feelings of failure, guilt, trying to fix things, false hopes, maybe relief (although the only people I’ve ever heard say this were shrinks), and just general dis-ease and awkwardness that one has to get used to.

Anyway, this is probably the only movie that I remember being able to relate to on an emotional level.  Maybe that’s because I’ve experienced both Divorce and Death of parents.  At any rate, it will make you laugh.  It will make you cry.  And it will make you wish you could live in the Grandmother’s house which is so cool.

Robert Hughes Interview on Children of Divorce
October 13, 2009, 10:15 pm
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Child Development Psychologist Robert Hughes answers basic questions about how divorce affects the kids for Parent News.  Kind of interesting how quickly the magazine says that a kid who reacts to his parents divorce has a “disorder.”  Of course, there is no insight into how to deal with the situation.

There is an interesting section where Hughes categorizes how children of a certain age react to their parents divorce.  Always like to match these phases up with what I’m working on through astrological return cycles which show developmental phases as well.  I’m supposing that if you nuke a kid spiritually or emotionally while he’s going through one of his first Return Cycles he relives the cycle very intensely later on in life.  Divorce is the ideal H-Bomb for such nuclear fall-out.

Scary Statistics
October 12, 2009, 8:15 pm
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Somebody should write a children’s book for a kid from divorce who has to face growing up after being told these statistics about his chances of future happiness.

Don’t know how credible some of those statistics are.  Society has changed a bit since some of the studies were created so some numbers may have adjusted.  Either way, they are very, very scary.

Our Child’s Book:  Adventures with factory produced, assembly line step-parents, blind rage that causes one to kill others, jail time.  The greatest horror of all, of course, is going to the shrink to get some “help.”  That’s a blind alley if ever I’ve seen one.  Most shrinks are divorced at least 3 times over themselves.  Who’s in denial here?