Spoiled Children of Divorce

Saturn Into Libra
October 29, 2009, 12:02 am
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Tomorrow Saturn will be moving into the Astrological Sign that rules Marriage.  That’s Libra.  For about the last year Saturn has been opposing Uranus which is the sign that is often considered to rule Divorce.  They are being squared by the planet that rules, among other things, Crises and deep Psychological Change.  Rules themselves are being reviewed.  Saturn likes to set the rules and keep the traditions going.  Uranus like to rebel against those rules and invent new ways of doing things.  Pluto wants to control from behind the scenes.

People need to consciously bring patience, humility and caring into their lives.  Be aware that fear is going to be at the root of most of the obnoxious things that people are going to do to each other over the next year and a half.  This is fear that can’t totally be expressed in words so they might try to use Force.

If relationships are too difficult, realize that time and distance might be the only thing that can keep things together.  A huge reaction will bring about a huge problem while these guys are working together.  It’s important to protect yourself by taking the high road.  Well, and watch your back.

This aspect is repeating a theme that was introduced in the mid-1960s, but could also bring up similar problems that were hatched in .  It could bring about some sudden shocks which could induce terror.

Eat right.  Drink enough water. Exercise.  Take Time Outs.  Keep your dignity and respect others.  This is a great time to take a martial arts class to avoid feeling victimized.

Don’t smother anyone with your kindness or they will use you.  Don’t assume that you are as giving as you think you are.  People will tend to be selfish during this transit, you included.  Wisdom is needed now.  Conserve your energy.  Look for the humor in what’s going on.   Cooperate, but don’t annihilate.

If you want to Force something, Force yourself to visualize how to improve the World.  The problems that exist in human relations will probably begin to be glaringly obvious.

This transit is due to not only bring big changes to some people but it will most affect people who have strong emphasis in their astrology charts on the cusps between Pisces/Aries, Gemini/Cancer, Virgo/Libra, and Sagittarius/Capricorn.  These are very important points in the charts that rule coincide with the changes of the Seasons.

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