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November 3, 2009, 7:23 pm
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Blogger Carolyn is writing a really great blog for people who grew up in Divorce. It’s here. (If I’ve done my usual stupid and messed up the link, please find the URL down at the bottom of this post).

Carolyn’s attitude is positive yet she confronts real problems.  Of course, most of the comments are from divorcing parents who did not grow up in divorce.  What can I say?  I find that exhausting.  It would be like trying to go to an Al-Anon meeting in a room full of alcoholics who don’t know the rules of cross-talk.



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Well, thank you! I really appreciate this! And I can completely understand your angst when reading comments. I really wish my audience consisted of more actual ACOD’s, but I have a difficult time finding them! And when I do find them, they are usually focused on parenting or stepparenting, not dealing with actual ‘child of divorce’ stuff.

When I started my blog, I really wanted to create a community of ‘us’ to deal with our issues, hear each other’s stories and know we aren’t alone in some of our messed up family situations. But I’ve found in the last few months I’ve diverted into writing for an audience of divorced parents.

Maybe it’s time for me refocus back to my original intent. Thank you again.


Comment by Carolyn (the grown up child)

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for visiting again. I think you are following your original intent really well. It’s just disconcerting to me how the parents just show up with their problems and start dumping. There are some really self-absorbed people out there who are trying to raise kids, that’s all I’ve got to say. Has anybody done a study perhaps linking “loudmouths” to marital incompatibility? Maybe it’s self-evident…

Thanks again for your blog.

Comment by toothless

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