Spoiled Children of Divorce

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February 3, 2010, 5:56 pm
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WordPress provides a really great feature which shows the searches which lead a person to one’s blog.

Because the title of my blog talks about a negative trait of some kids who come from divorce, namely that Children from Divorced are spoiled because they get two separate presents from two separate families on their birthdays and on holidays, I get to see on a daily basis the negative viewpoints that people have of kids who grow up in divorce.

From the searches one can see how seldom people are concerned with emotional fall-out from growing up in divorce.  It does happen but rarely and the wording used to try to understand the situation is sort of simplistic, cave man like and shallow.

So I’m going to try to start posting these searches.  There is really so little traffic to this blog that it won’t make a dent in people’s understanding, or lack of understanding.  The only people who visit the blog are bitchy step-mothers who have hacked into the site so that they can wire their negativity and abuse through yet another channel.  Apparently, Fairy Tales don’t lie, that’s why the kids like em.

Either way, I think this is a great educational tool for understanding where people’s heads are at on the subject of Children who grow up in Divorce.  Hopefully this will provide the world with some kind of mirror for understanding their opinions and attitudes and ways they treat others, but I’m not feeling really hopeful about that.  I’m definitely not starting with a day when the comments were extremely negative.

Searches for 2/2/10 which led people to this blog yesterday:

plays about divorce 2
argument is divorce bad for children 2
bad step kids 2
phillip markoffs childhood 2
tony robbins children 1
step parent teenagers spoiled 1
spoiled girls stories 1
children short stories on helping needy 1
are michael phelps parents divorced 1
movie divorce nick 1
tess damm 1
lawrence a. kurdek 1
movies about parents divorcing 1
divorce is bad for children 1
dad living with a 11 year old spoilt boy 1
laci peterson spoiled? 1
michael phelps parents divorce 1
adult children in devoced family 1
drop out of college left scar 1
quincy jones children 1
divorce movies 1
why mothers spoil their boys after divor 1
barack obama grandparents, on mother sid 1
inheritance and divorced parents 1
the neighbour’s spoiled child

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I have to say I’m always a little surprised at the search terms used to get to my blog as well. I try not to even look at them, but curiosity gets me every time 😉

Comment by Carolyn (the grown up child)

Yes, they do tend to catch the eye. Funny how much they’ve changed since I’ve posted that message…. It seems there’s one little troll out there. Hate to think what she’s doing to her stepdaughter.

Comment by toothless

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