Spoiled Children of Divorce

Video about Children of Divorce
March 10, 2010, 12:19 am
Filed under: Movies About Growing Up in Divorce, Relationship with Father

Here’s a great video from YouTube that discusses divorce from the kids’ perspective.  Hope I’ve put the link in correctly.

The video shows a really intense and heartbreaking performance by Will Smith in a scene from a TV Show (sorry, can’t remember the name of the show) playing a teenager who is once again blown off by his Father.  After watching this incredible performance, which brought me to tears, someone in the comments section from an intact family with parents who fight has to say that their situation is worse.  Maybe it is.  Elizabeth Marquardt’s work shows that the kids from violent families do have some relief from their parents’ divorce.  They sure do know how to be insensitive to other people’s pain and to pick fights.  I suspect, though, that probably in a higher percentage of divorced families, the parents who fight generally don’t improve their behaviors in their next marriages, and there’s nothing quite like having two violent families to bounce between.

That scene talks about the Father abandonment situation which can happen even in intact families.  The rest of the video gives some good information about statistics and talks about how kids from divorce could probably benefit from counseling.  I don’t think the psych communities have done enough valid research to actually help kids from divorce, but maybe that’s just my age speaking.

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That video is great and I love that monologue from Will Smith. I remember watching that on tv when it was on and thinking how moving it was.

Toothless, would you mind if I featured the clip on my blog too one day? I will definitely link back.

Comment by Carolyn (the grown up child)

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