Spoiled Children of Divorce

Iceland: Happy Divorces; National Bankruptcy; and a Trip to the Gene Bank
March 17, 2010, 10:35 pm
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A while back I wrote a post about how people in Iceland are among the happiest on earth and how they accept single parenting without too much stress of stigma.  I quoted an article which wrote about how Icelanders have among the highest divorce rates and accept divorce in their society.   That post was probably my best argument for how a society can be so advanced and open-minded that it can accept all types of lifestyles.   And the people can be happy.  In the post I noted that the article didn’t say whether or not the children who were growing up in the divorced homes were actually happy.  People don’t really want to hear from the kids.

At any rate, it turns out that some of that happiness was maybe rooted in over-optimism, or lack of realism, and comes with a couple of price tags.  I’ve observed a couple of things about Iceland since that time which sort of might indicate the downfall of that type of thinking.

For one, Iceland has a very homogeneous gene pool.  So much so that all the genes of all the citizens are kept in a bank and have been studied for various diseases.  The reason why this is interesting for me is that the same house that rules Family and Homelife rules Genetics.  This is the 4th House and the Sign of Cancer and the Moon.  Very few societies on earth can probably come up with this type of information simply because their citizens have such a scramble of genetics.  Perhaps, in a society where people are so closely linked by genetics, a split family is not such a big deal.  The Government kept samples of the Genes of all of its citizens and kept them in a database for Genetics researchers around the world to study from.

It seems that the Icelanders became outraged over the invasion of their privacy, in the end.  And the Biotech Company which was doing the research has run into some troubles because of it.

Also, the country has had terrible financial problems due to their over-optimism and was one of the first to declare bankruptcy since the collapse of the money markets in October, 2008.

Everyone knows that Divorce goes hand in hand with Financial ruin.  Finances are often, sadly enough, a big reason why couples stay together.  And I agree that’s a tragic type of compromise to have to make in life.  More often than not finances are the reason for the “crazy ex-wife.”  Suzie Orman is needed much more than a psychologist.

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What a niche market that would be – financial planner to the divorced. I’ll bet there are people already specializing in that.

I didn’t know about Iceland’s divorce rate. But I had read that they often have children out of wedlock and that it is not given a second thought. I wonder is that advancement or a statement about their family values?

Comment by Carolyn (the grown up child)

Hi Carolyn, don’t know how much money is left after the lawyers, and the “therapists.”

I don’t think I did a good job writing this post. I was just wondering if the type of personalities that can easily enter into and exit out of relationships might deal with money in a frivolous way. And that perhaps the Icelanders can compensate for lack of familiarity within their own “gene pool” at home compensate through a huge national gene bank of DNA for the entire country. The last one relates back to what you’re discussing on your blog about “blood being thicker than water.”

Comment by toothless

Thank you for your comment. Certain parts of Africa also have a different attitude towards having children, thinking that children are to be raised by the community rather than in a family.

I suspect that in countries where there are lots of visitors a child benefits from the protection of a strong family unit. With so many strangers people don’t take personal responsibility for their actions and trust can’t be assumed. I don’t think that’s necessarily the healthiest social environment, but it’s reality, especially in much of the United States. I don’t think that Iceland has the biggest tourist industry or a problem with mass immigration.

Comment by wristwatch

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