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Exemplary Children of Divorce – Bjork
April 8, 2010, 11:51 pm
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Singer from Iceland, Bjork, is a Child of Divorce.  Her parents split before she was two years old.  Bjork’s parents were heavily involved in politics when she was growing up.  Her Father is a well known Union Leader and Electrician and her Mother is also an activist, homeopath and Martial Arts Teacher. Bjork lived with her Mother in a “hippie community” after the divorce.  At some point her Mother remarried. Bjork’s Step-Father played in a Rock Band.

Bjork has 3 half-brothers and 3 half-sisters.  She has written two songs about her siblings so her siblings have been her “Muses”.  The first asks for self sufficiency: “Army of Me” and the other talks about money: “Where is the line?”  (Bjork is a triple Scorpio which is very concerned with both self sufficiency and shared assets so this is actually pretty interesting on an Astrological theme).

Bjork started playing classical piano when she was around 5 (not sure about that age).  She released her first album when she was 11 or 12 years old.  A teacher recorded her and sent the song in to a music station who broadcast it nationally.  Bjork has since been in several bands, the Sugarcubes probably the most famous.  She has received many awards and is considered one of the finest voices in music today.

Bjork married and divorced a fellow member of her band, the Sugar Cubes.  She has a son from a previous relationship with a band member.  She also has a daughter with her current husband.

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Interesting. Army of Me is probably one of my favorite Bjork songs, but I’m not a big fan so it’s probably also because it’s one of her most prevalent songs. She’s so talented, but has always struck me as a bit ‘flighty’, so I’m actually surprised because that’s not a characteristic I’m used to associating with children of divorce.

Comment by Carolyn (the grown up child)

Nah, she’s not flighty, she just dresses up like swans sometimes, tee hee.

What do you mean by “flighty?” I’d suspect that Cod’s are commitment phobes, more than average.

Comment by toothless

I’m a fan of Bjork – I think she’s one of the most original and creative artists ever. Not only does her music explore all dimensions, but her lyrics are fascinating. I love her album homogenic which covers personal issues as well as expressive pieces about Iceland itself (ie the geology) and it’s fiery nature. I like the Sugarcubes’ music, too (“Birthday” is their single that springs to mind).

She’s certainly expressive (one of my lasting images of her is when she attacked a journalist who was hassling her for an interview – I think she’d said it was to protect her son as the journalist was crowding him). Maybe her creativity is a result of being a child of divorce?

Toothless – will you be looking at other musicians/artists (I can’t really use the term “pop star” to describe either Bjork or Sinead O’Connor!) at all in your “exemplary children” series? One of the things I find myself drawn to their music is the originality and creativity. It would be interesting to know if there’s a link between the more “off the wall”/creative artists out there.

Comment by Sal

Hi Sal, Thanks so much for giving your insights into Bjork and her music! Adds so much to this blog because I haven’t really followed the music scene much outside of a little bit of jazz.

I’ve been avoiding talking about “Hollywood” and “Pop” musicians because it seems that most of them grew up in Divorce. The family trauma seems to give the extra “push” for a young person with some talent to get out of the house and into a career fast so it seems that the parts of our culture which embrace youthfulness are a great place for kids to move into. They also probably have more to say at an early age than the kids from the intact families just because they are experiencing more. And will put themselves out there because they have seen so much outlandish and nonconformist behavior at home already. That’s a good thing about a divorced household. A kid with a creative side has a lot of creative time on his own to explore and no feelings of having to follow rules.

The bad side is that all the multi-tasking with parents and the erratic lifestyle corrupts the ability to concentrate, probably one reason for the ADD and Autism. I can’t write unless I hang out in a library that happens to be full of kids from immigrant families with intense family values. I don’t necessarily wish to have had the level of pressure that most of them live with from their families but, man, these guys can sit and work for hours on end. You’d never find Cod’s able to do that. At any rate, I can concentrate better when I’m trying to work around them.

I agree that I wouldn’t put Bjork and Sinead O’Connor into “Pop” music. I just tend to look for jazz or classical or dopey 70s pop when I want to listen to music. A little set in my way. I know that my friends like Bjork a lot. I really need to listen to a couple of these albums. Now I’m really hoping that they’ll put out some new albums too as I’d prefer to hear from them (just a Child of D loyalty thing I guess).

Have been curious about the Rolling Stones, so maybe that will be next. Long rambling reply.

Comment by toothless

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