Spoiled Children of Divorce

Learning a Little Bit About Yourself Through Astrology
April 23, 2010, 11:42 pm
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Here are some links and titles for books that I recommend if anyone is interested in learning more about Astrology.

The biggee is learning about one’s own chart.  There are multitudes of great websites on the Internet where one can pull up a copy of one’s chart.  Probably the best is Astrodienst.

I don’t think that the site actually explains how to read the chart itself but it will give you the chart and it will also give you some free mini-readings.  You have to play around over there.

An explanation of Astrological Symbols is here. You don’t need to know all of those.  Just the Signs and the Planets.  If you’ve ever read that book called Men are From Mars; Women are from Venus you already know the Glyphs for Mars and Venus.

For the chart you just click on the “Free Charts” link you can get a copy of your own birth chart.  You’ll need to type in your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth in order to pull a chart up.  There is a link as well which offers a free ephemeris.  I know, weird word.  An ephemeris lists all the planetary placements year by year.  This can help eventually for looking up which planetary cycles you might have been going through during the divorce.

If you don’t know the time you were born you can still pull up a chart.  I recommend setting the timing at 12:00 pm (noon) and ignoring placement of planets in houses because they will be wrong unless you really were born at noon (and astrologers never believe anyone who gives them a birth time of noon).  The placement of the Moon will most likely be wrong as well, but close.

You can then surf through the site and read various interpretations of the various elements of your chart.  This doesn’t synthesize the elements, but it is a beginning.

Astrologer Bob Marks has also written a set of very readable, insightful and entertaining Astrology lessons on his website.

There are a couple of books which I recommend for getting a good, basic overview of “real astrology” which is a study of all the planets and the astrological wheel.  These are very well written.  Individual tastes differ widely.  Pick books and sites that interest you.

Donna Cunningham’s How to Read Your Astrological Chart.

Stephen Forrest’s Your Inner Sky.

A very elegant description of planetary cycles:  Alexandr Ruperti’s Cycles of Becoming.

There are a couple of great beginner books which use humor:

Kim Rogers Gallagher has written a popular book with a humorous bent: Astrology for the Light Side of Your Brain.

If you really want to take it out I recommend:  Born on a Rotten Day by Hazel Dixon-Cooper.

For more advanced ideas about astrology within the family I recommend:

Erin Sullivan’s The Astrology of Family Dynamics.  Not about Divorce, but you can read about your DNA.

Bruce Scofield’s Circuitry of the Self.

Adrian Ross Duncan’s Astrology:  Transformation and Empowerment.  This is an extremely insightful book written from a psychological perspective.  You can check out articles on Duncan’s website World of Wisdom.

Liz Greene’s Saturn: New Look at an Old Devil was a great introduction to understanding how to reframe the traditional fears surrounding the Saturn Return.

And then there’s Michael Lutin, who is sort of the David Sedaris of the Astrology World.  Check out his website to figure out a way to laugh at absolutely anything that can go wrong in life.

There’s also an amazing site called Astrotheme which lists the charts of zillions of famous people.  You can search for people who are born on your same day.  Generally I google the word “astrotheme” and the famous person’s name.  I’ve never been very good at navigating that site.

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