Spoiled Children of Divorce

Living With Relatives
May 2, 2010, 5:35 pm
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A study of 91,000 kids shows that children who live with relatives and not with their parents tend to have more health problems both mental and physical.  I was sort of noticing that these are the ones who become successful and contribute to society in leadership ways.  I only have a few examples, though, so I wouldn’t go by my findings.

Wonder if the study compared the level of trauma that the kids had gone through before being placed in the relatives’ homes with those of the kids who were still living with parents.  That kind of displacement doesn’t happen unless the situation is very desparate.

No matter.  They study is meant to find extra funds for caring for these children.  (And hopefully the “care” won’t be just another excuse to keep a bunch of bureaucratic institutions churning.)

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Maybe it’s as simple as this: children who grow up in a home with both parents who don’t have their development disturbed by abuse or divorce, fare better in life. And really, why wouldn’t they?

Like you, I hope that any funding procured will be used effectively. Sadly, it’s often not.

Comment by Carolyn (The Grown Up Child)

I think they probably do fare better just because they aren’t aware of very much.

In the U.S. we’re lucky in a way because Obama grew up in divorce and he’s very aware of how this affects kids. Don’t know where the funding will come from at this point, though. Anyhoo, some know-it-all from an Intact family will take over and mess it up, they always do, they have to, they’re desperate single parents…

Comment by toothless

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