Spoiled Children of Divorce

Divorced Parents in Virginia Required By Law to Pay for Kids’ College
May 17, 2010, 11:39 pm
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This is a really odd story, even for a Child of D.  Everyone knows that Children of Divorce have high drop out rates for both High School and College.  And it’s important to figure out a way to keep that from happening.  Well, in Virginia, someone is putting through a Law which requires that Divorced Parents pay for their childrens’ college educations.  That’s so weird.   Granted, most Divorced Parents will pay extra taxes to put Illegal Immigrants’ kids through college before they pay for their own kids’ education.

It gets weirder.  Married Parents in Virginia are not required to pay for their kids’ educations.  It’s cheaper to stay married.

The article linked to is written by a Lawyer who I have to admit is a jerk.  He gives some far flung argument about an actual client who is being sued by his own daughter to pay for her Master’s Degree while the guy is sick and getting a Liver transplant.  The daughter is categorized as a Spoiled Daughter of Divorce, of course.  It certainly seems as if something’s wrong with her. Or something’s wrong with the story. All Children of D are written off as impaired, unloving ingrates while their parents are described as loving victims of … well, of … being this crappy lawyer’s client…  These Lawyers, sheesh.  Always fighting on behalf of whomever pays the most money.

The Lawyer doesn’t mention how many bottles of Ben Fiddle his client had to drink in order (and this is only an assumption) to completely destroy his damn liver.  Who knows, maybe it was the Prozac which now they tell us is like ingesting Steel Wool into your liver.  At any rate, the Father is obviously the victim here.

The Lawyer doesn’t mention that there’s probably a Step-Mother in the picture who has had the daughter written out of the Will (by this same attorney no doubt) so that while the daughter’s behavior may appear to be a little mean it’s basically nice in comparison with what she grew up around.

What if the daughter went crazy from all the weirdness instead?  Graduate School is cheaper than 2 years in a Mental Institution.  It’s actually a friggin bargain in comparison.  Would the Father pay for that? Of course he would.  The Lawyers are in cohoots with the shrinks because they are both essentially lazy and expensive service professions that nobody really needs.

At any rate, if there are any Children of D out there with stone cold hearts (due of course to having sacrificed your childhood innocence for the sake of your parents’ happiness) you might want to consider checking out the Colleges in Virginia.  They’re on sale.  You can’t do much without a degree these days, just ask a Lawyer.

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