Spoiled Children of Divorce

God, I’m Bitchy
May 24, 2010, 11:00 pm
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Each day I try to get through another level of writing the Cycles stuff.  The charts are so much fun to look at but getting the stuff to make sense on paper is just not working out too well so far.  Please let me get this over with.  And please keep the plagiarists away.

Major technical difficulties because I’ve been typing directly into the word processor feature on the blog and this is about the same quality of Word Processor as the old Panasonic typewriter that I used to have.  You can see about 10 lines at a time.

Also, although I’ve got all the notes I need, I’ve written about 50 pages worth of stuff and I’m only up to Age 4 in rough drafts.  That’s what I was trying to avoid.  Also, I’ve realized that I can’t write technical Astrology stuff for people who don’t know astrology, and certainly not for catty plagiarists who look like Medusa.  I’m too impatient to remember to explain everything.  Or I thought I was writing for the kids but the Step-Parents keep hogging the show, even on a blog, imagine that.

(OOO, I’m sitting in the library trying to write and saw an old guy who was filming people with little cameras.  I actually saw the video on his computer screen.  Don’t know what he was doing videotaping the Travels Section since no one was standing there.  Next day he set up a second camera and aimed it right at some guy’s computer screen.  I reported him and then ran out of the library really fast.  He’s still coming in so I guess nobody believed me.  He hides the cameras under little silk hankies.)

Okay, this is scattered, but not half as scattered as what I’ve got written about Mercury and Venus.

Here are some titles I wrote for other posts:

Daddy’s “Baggage”  —  you know, how it’s a drag that your parents have kids.  Limits the field for parents’ relationship success.  So much harder to find a good date. No wonder why my Father waited until he was sure before he moved out.

In reality it’s the kid who’s dragging the luggage all over the place.  Isn’t that funny?  They actually call you your parents’ baggage.

What were the other titles?  Have to hit the publish button and go look, it takes forever while for WordPress to Save Drafts.  Am ready to kill this thing.

Oh yeah.

“Are You A Good Witch, or a Bad Witch?”   Claustrophic Relationship with Step-Mother and Step-Sister that someday you will lose because there are more of them than the one of you.

“Walking on Eggshells with Mom and Dad”  Which one needs to be taken care of now?

Oh, and there’s the good old:

“Such a Pity Party.”  (That’s how you know someone’s not native Californian, they use that phrase).

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