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Step-Family Statistics
June 10, 2010, 9:10 pm
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Here’s an interesting list of statistics concerning step-families called Marriage, Family and Stepfamily Facts, Update Jan 2010 by Ron L. Deal, M.MFT.   It’s written for a Christian organization, but it looks like the author is trying to objectively just show the numbers.

There are some more subtle additions of information from the usual lists, and that’s great. For example, finally, there is a small reference to minority families.  The list recognizes some groups that aren’t included in the statistical studies such as children who live part-time in both families and the fact that they haven’t been counted.  Step-families are so much more common now than when I was growing up it’s amazing.

It includes a list showing the differences between Happiness for Married Couples as opposed to Happiness for Step-Family couples.  The differences are really interesting.  Original Married Couples want emotional closeness and communication skills.  Step-families are more concerned with Conflict Resolution and Shared Leisure.  You can sort of see the Age difference thing showing between first and successive marriages.

Numbers are added about how well children do in school, or not, and whether or not they seek psychological help later on in life (or whether psychological help even exists — and for anyone who is confused about this I will tell you that it doesn’t because therapists are all divorced and defensive as hell about what the kids go through).

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