Spoiled Children of Divorce

Exemplary Children of Divorce – Eminem, Usher, and Justin Bieber

I was looking through today’s USA Today and saw articles about two popular male singers.  One is Eminem who I know grew up in Divorce because I saw the movie 8 Mile.  The other singer who was profiled is Justin Bieber who I don’t even know.  The article said that Bieber is from Divorce as well.

If I’m using accurate Ages for when these two singers, Rap Singer Eminem and Pop Singer Justin Bieber, I think that through these singers’ charts I can show a bit about the influence of Astrological Return Cycles which become prominent in children after their parents divorce and how they can be used creatively in an individual’s life.

To add to things, while doing this research, I began to notice that R&B Singer Usher always seemed to be in the background in pictures of both of these other singers.  So I decided to take a brief look at his chart as well to see if I could see the strong style characteristic differences of the 3 singers including him as well.  I suppose this would be a fun project for someone to do who has more knowledge of the musical styles.

Eminem’s Father left before his son was 2 years old. I’m going to include Eminem in the Mars Return crowd because he truly does reflect the Mars type of personality.  Eminem’s first Venus Return occurred very early, 2 1/2 months before his first Birthday.  Perhaps this shows that he is first and foremost a Venusian.  Venus rules the Voice and Singing so I suppose one can see this emphasis.  He is a Libra so Venus rules his Sun Sign.  And I suppose there may be a huge conflict within his personality in understanding why as a Venusian he expresses himself so strongly as a Mars type.

Eminem’s first Mercury Return would have occurred about a week before his first Birthday.  Mercury went through a Retrograde Period just after his Birthday and I suspect that this would have been an extremely stressful time for finalizing a phase of development in one’s communication skills.  Mercury in Scorpio can be quite sarcastic and secretive and paranoid.  On the other hand it can show a great ability to hold back one’s thoughts and to share them in a very discerning and focused way.  As I’ve said about Mercury, I think it is the Child’s version of perception of a parent’s divorce because 1) it is the lower octave of Uranus which is typically thought to be the major ruler of divorce for adults 2) it is associated with duplicates, split thinking and behaviors 3) it rules Virgo which I’ve discussed before as probably being a major descriptor in Astrology of Children and Divorce.  (Back in the post on how a major Astrology magazine gave rulership of growing up in Divorce to Neptune.  Neptune and its sign Pisces rule Orphans, not children of Divorce.  However, I suggest that the sign opposite Pisces, which is Virgo, is probably very much related to growing up in divorce.  The generation that was created while Pluto was transiting through Virgo experienced the big Divorce boom.

Eminem was born on Oct. 17, 1972.  His first Mars Return was roughly on Sept. 28, 1974 so occurred about a month before his 2d birthday.  So this may line up with when his parents split.

I can’t be positive with Eminem, granted this is all a work in progress, but he certainly seems to represent what a person who lives under strong Mars influence will act and do in life.  Obviously, he is first born and a son.  I believe he is an only child.  As I described, or tried to describe, is that Mars brings early success, it rules the first sign in the Zodiac and typically represents people who will be first in their field in some way.  These are children who in divorce will be sensitive to being demoted by step-families.  Mars is the Warrior and because of that one might expect some impulsiveness in their behavior and times in life when they must deal with rage and anger.  Eminem’s music represents that.  I believe this speaks to the Rapper generation which was based on making one’s statement and stating one’s feelings openly.  Eminem’s had many #1 albums, which shows his #1 vibe.  This is true of the other two singers I’m talking about here as well, though, along with the ability to have success at an early age.

Eminem’s greatest hit is called “Lose Yourself.”  The lyrics certianly show the Mars struggle within relationships.   http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/eminem/loseyourself.html.  As I said in my post about Age 2 / Mars kids, these seem to be the ones who blame themselves for their parents’ break-up.  Eminem talks about poverty and with his Mother and with wanting to deal with fame and with wanting to get out of the trailer park.  Mars speaks from its gut, openly and will face the problem head-on.

The beginning lyrics of “Lose Yourself:”

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted-One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?

So then there’s 16 year teen heart throb Justin Bieber who has only been in the business for 2 or 3 years.  He doesn’t really come across as an angry teenager.  His style is completely different from Eminem’s but he seems heavily influenced by Eminem’s openness and confrontation of problems.  Both Bieber and Eminem share similar stories.  They were oldest sons who moved around a lot with their Mothers during childhood.  They’ve both written songs about wanting to buy their Mothers real homes.  They began to sing at about the same age.

I’m not sure about the timing of Bieber’s parents divorce.  It seems that he is a first born son.  His Mother became pregnant very early on at Age 18.  One source said that Bieber has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister, who live with his Father.  There are differences between Bieber’s childhood and Eminem’s.  Bieber is Canadian, for one.  But he has positive contact with his Father.  And he and his Mother are also very Religious.

If my astrology stuff pans out, I doubt that Bieber’s parents would have divorced when he was Age 2.  One source on the Internet said that Bieber was 2.  Others say that he was 3 and one says that he was 10 years old.  The influence of Jupiter (Age 3, Jupiter square) seems to be strong.  One can see the reliance on Religion, the social wholesomeness of a pop star rather than a rapper.  The Jupiterian sound of Joy in his voice rather than Anger.  These are both very strong topics in Music and the Arts in general so I don’t judge whether one is more important than the other.

In the USA Today article there is even discussion of how Bieber has taken on a Mentor.  This is yet another positive influence for a Jupiterian type.  Bieber also was a “Hockey Geek.” Jupiterian kids will often deal with trauma by becoming obsessed with sports.  And his career began around the time of his Jupiter Return at age 12.  Bieber is also known for his haircut, a sort of bowl style cut that many kids are now getting.  This style influence is Jupiterian, not Mars.  While Mars energy will express itself from the gut and from life experience, Jupiter naturally tends to express itself through Joy and through Higher Education and Religion.  The music of Beethoven is also the extremely passionate side of Jupiter.

So, at any rate, I hope to know at some point what his age really was.

Bieber has written a song about going through his parent’s divorce called “Down to Earth.

From metrolyrics.com:

Mommy, you were always somewhere,
And Daddy, I live out of town,
So tell me how could I ever be, normal somehow?
You tell me this is for the best,
So tell me why am I in tears?
(Woo) so far away and now I just need you here,

He has written another song called “Where are you now” which is supposed to be about his Father.  One can certainly feel the feelings of rejection and abandonment and sorrow of not having a Father around.

If you click on the links you will notice that the kid’s got an incredible voice.  Bieber says this about his parents’ divorce:

“My parents weren’t the type to talk trash about each other,” he says. “Some parents, when they split up, the mom will say, “Your dad’s a jerk,” but mine were never like that. So that definitely made it easier for me. I knew they loved me, and they split up because of them, not because of me.”

Usher’s parents split when their son was one year old. Usher was born 6 years after Eminem but both men are Libras.  Eminem’s birthdate is October 17 and Usher’s is October 14.  (Justin Bieber is a Pisces, born Mar. 1, 1994).

Since Usher was Age 1 when his parents split, he would have been influenced by his Solar Return and also possibly his Mercury and Venus Returns because the Returns for these three tend to occur around the same time as the first Birthday (i.e. Solar Return).  His music does seem to reflect a more Romantic vibe than Eminem’s music.

Turns out that Usher’s first Mercury Return occurred about a week before his first Birthday and his first Venus Return occurred about a week after his first Birthday.  So the energies of these 3 planets sort of “jelled” very close in time to each other.  In a way, Usher is sort of a Poster Boy for representing what I was talking about for this age group.  Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding much biographical information about his childhood.  Usher was raised by his Mother and has one younger brother.  His Mother has been his Manager and I’m not sure if she still is. Usher began in show business at Age 14.

These Sun-Mercury-Venus types would be very good at understanding popular vibe and they are most comfortable working with others rather than as “lone wolfs”.  The energy is light and plays with relationships.  There is a great romantic spirit through Venus.  And with both Mercury and Venus in the sign of Scorpio there’s a very sexy vibe in Usher’s chart as well. This, of course, shows the Rap roots.  Pluto adds depth to whatever it touches.  And there is an understanding of power and how power works.  These types could have a great idea of what “sells.”

Usher might not have the conflict in his self-expression that Eminem does because he is a Libra type and has this early Venusian trauma experience that sets that influence in his being.

Usher’s chart is interesting to compare for similarities with Eminem’s chart.  Both are Libra Suns, both have Mercury in Scorpio, both have Bucket Shaped Charts.  The Moon is the handle planet in Usher’s chart and Saturn is the handle planet in Eminem’s chart.  Both of these planets represent the parents.  I suspect that Usher wants to Mother everyone around him, or at least wants to turn everyone into his family.  Women are probably very important influences in his life.  And it looks like he has a strong bond with his Mother as she is his business manager.  And Eminem might want to act more as a serious influence who deals with the ideas of Authority through the Saturn handle of his chart.  He may feel that he has a serious message to convey.  There will be ambition and a need to climb over walls to get what he wants. Of course, there will be some sort of issue around parenting, fathering, providing for. And perhaps insecurities surrounding give and take and needing to be in control.

As I said, I’m not very familiar with any of their music.  I think these charts will be interesting to study in the future.  I wonder if it is not easier to become famous at an early age if one is from divorce.  One simply focuses on things outside the family. It seems that the Mothers of all 3 did not remarry. 

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