Spoiled Children of Divorce

June 28, 2010, 10:49 pm
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When I hear on TV or in other Media sources that new statistics are painting certain pictures of society I always sort of wonder why the Divorce Question is never brought up.

1.  I wonder if the rise of reported Suicide and PTSD in the Military is related to soldiers who grew up in Divorce and have no family to rely on for support back at home.

2.  I wonder if the rise of materialism is related to growing up in Divorce.  I wrote a post a long time ago that talked about how it takes twice as much stuff to raise a child in two different homes as it does to grow up in one.  (I sort of raked the book over the coals, which would have been a mistake.) Children of Divorce have one suitcase but probably two of just about everything else.  I wonder if the extremely materialistic nature of the new wave of immigrants is here because they match the mentality of the Children of Divorce.

3.  I wonder if Children of Divorce are not studied or treated by the Psychology profession because this profession is currently female dominated.  Women don’t admit when they are screwing up in anything domestic.  We see that over and over again by the Step-Mothers.  Women on the whole (not all, but a majority) think they can heal by “smoothing out” the boo-boos and telling everyone to accept the status quo rather than by analyzing the boo-boos and looking for new solutions.

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