Spoiled Children of Divorce

More Examples of Children of Divorce Stuck in Trauma / Dave Chapelle and Marilyn Monroe.
July 6, 2010, 5:19 pm
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Comedian Dave Chappelle has made headlines.  But he didn’t make the headlines for his comedy.  Rather he seems to be making headlines for acting like a 2-year-old.  And that’s bad for him.  But, it’s great for my research.  I used Dave as an example for my 2 to 3 year olds who exemplify Mars Return energies because their parents divorced after they had just completed this Return.  Astrologers used the phrase “Terrible Twos” as a great way to show the Mars Return phase in a child.  Mars is the God of War.  He represents the great creative spark of life, youth, impulsiveness, and anger among many other interpretations.  Chappelle was apparently kicked off of an airplane for causing commotion.  And, apparently the pilot was so distressed he did an emergency landing to get Chappelle off the plane.

er …  emergencies are also ruled by Mars.

Something else to share.  An astrologer who is always putting me down mentioned that he is sick, completely sick and tired of hearing about Marilyn Monroe.  I mentioned her in the Age 1 – 2 group and discussed how having the Mercury and Venus Returns before the Solar Return might indicate some of her future problems.  Well, it turns out that Marilyn Monroe was born on the same day as another famous actor from the 50s through 70s, Andy Griffith.  The grumpy astrologer said that this is probably proof that Astrology doesn’t work because you can’t find two people more different than this pair.  Thing is, both Monroe and Griffith have a lot in common.  They both became extremely successful actors and they did it completely on their own.  Both were born into very poor family situations, “on the wrong side of the tracks.”

The difference is that Monroe was a totally traumatized person and Griffith came across as the epitome of positive well-being.  Although Griffiths’ childhood is full of dire circumstances.  Supposedly his parents were so poor they had to pass him around from family to family until he was 3 years old when they could afford to buy their own home.  Griffith seems to have gone on to live a normal life after that.  He even made it through College.  Monroe’s childhood was desperate all the way through.  This could easily be attributed to the fact that she was a poor female rather than a poor male, so her chances of being recognized for her brains was almost nill in her life.  Also, she didn’t go to College so maybe she thought she didn’t have a brain.  But, she was raised by a single mother.  And her childhood was full of all the surprises and heartbreaks that this brings with it.  There are now other great actresses who were raised by single mothers, Hillary Swank, is a big one in my mind.  So, Marilyn Monroe’s story is perhaps not as likely to happen now as it used to be.  But, still, I sort of wonder about the differences.  And, in this case, the similarities.

(Also, Monroe’s Father wasn’t really her Father.  The man on her birth certificate just happened to be still married to her Mother when Monroe was born).  This makes a difference with regards to using planetary returns for Monroe.  Her situation growing up was just plain old difficult.

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