Spoiled Children of Divorce

Warren Buffett’s Advice for Success in Life

A Yahoo/Huffington Post article and video of Warren Buffett giving advice for his success in life.

This is a great introduction to my next phase of development post which, in my opinion, represents the most difficult age/phase for a child going through a traumatic event like a divorce because it mixes up the idea of what the Moon and Saturn represent in Astrology.  In a very basic phrasing, the Moon represents Unconditional Love and Saturn represents Condtional Love.  Both are essential for well being in the world, of course.  Kids who receive nothing but unconditional love from their parents without the setting of boundaries and conditions often have problems with drugs/alcohol/crime, etc.

But, Buffett says here that he feels the greatest gift his Father gave him was Unconditional Love, the feeling that he could always have something to come back to.  The way that these two elements blend in a person’s life is very important to watch.  Saturn represents setting Goals and achievement.  But, Saturn is often called the Taskmaster and the Devil because the lessons he sets for us are often to difficult for us to succeed in.  There is often a lack of feeling or tolerance which turns into a fear of failure.  A child who has to try to deal with Saturn without also having use of the riches of the Moon won’t be able to pick himself up and move on in life after a failure.  There has to be that sense of trust which occurs deep down in the unconscious.  And the Moon is the unconscious (Saturn calls it insanity, but that’s because Saturn is a jerk).

So, Divorce represents the ideas of Venus, Pluto, Uranus and Neptune in a person’s life.  Obviously not represented by the Moon and Saturn which are the basic building blocks of what an individual needs to get ahead in the world.  If the parents don’t function the way they ought to, then the step-parents are going to be extra evil.  If the child doesn’t develop that feeling deep down in his soul that he can have something to fall back on that will catch him, he will probably never take risks needed to get ahead. The “Happy” that is associated with Venus, the Sun and Uranus, doesn’t happen unless the Moon and Saturn are deeply secure within a person.  That’s where the parents who divorce are screwing up.

Buffett’s advice is also highly hypocritical when matched against his life.  He never divorced his first wife but lived apart from her since the middle 1970s.  He lived with another woman since that time and married her after his first wife died in 2004.  He has disowned one of his son’s children.

So, there you go, we’re stuck in the middle of a bunch of big experiments where nobody in the end really knows what is right and what is wrong. And, it’s important to pay attention to the fact that people who mess up by marrying the wrong person the first time around don’t repeat the same mistakes the second and third times around.  The hypocrisy that some parents show in their family lives doesn’t go away just because they divorce.  It’s important to state that because I know a lot of people out there who justify their own divorces by saying that they don’t want to be unhappy like their parents.  Generally we fall back into the same stupid traps the second time around in relationships.

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