Spoiled Children of Divorce

Another Escape Artist – Colton Harris-Moore

In a previous post I wrote about Child of D Frank Abagnale, Jr. who was featured in a Leonardo di Caprio movie (and in his own book) Catch Me If You Can.  It looks like another escape artist/criminal child has now been caught.  Colton Harris-Moore of Washington State was caught in Bermuda after running from the law for 2 years.  Clayton escaped from a half way house in April, 2008 and has been evading the police ever since, surviving mostly by stealing.

I had to look if he was, like Abagnale, Jr. a traumatized child of divorce.  It seems that he has a large fan base.  Have to admit, after reading what I can find about his childhood I’m a fan as well (well, not of the crimes).

According to Wikipedia, Colton Harris-Moore was born Mar. 22, 1991 on Camano Island, Washington.  His Father walked out when Clayton was 2 years old.  Clayton’s last memory was of his Father trying to strangle him. 2 years represents the first Mars Return.  And Mars represents violence.  And this is an example, of course, of a Mars Return child in extreme stress. Clayton’s Mother remarried but Clayton’s step-father died when Clayton was 7.  This would have been around the time of his first Lunar square.  There is a possibility that Mars and Moon are in conjunction with each other in Clayton’s chart.  This is an aspect showing great emotional volatility.  But, if both planets are in the sign of Gemini this also shows Clayton’s extreme cleverness in escaping from capture.

How this connects with astrology of Clayton’s chart is amazing.  Clayton’s natal Mars is probably highly afflicted.  It is squaring his natal Sun and possibly in conjunction with his natal Moon.  Both of these contacts can show a person with some impulse control and anger issues on their own without the stress.  They internalize the conflicts that the parents have with each other.  The prominence of this aspect in Clayton’s chart is amplified because Mars and possibly the Moon are both out-of-bounds.  This means that their influence is extra strong.  This configuration is also connected with the Aries points because the Sun at least is placed there.  This explains Colton’s fame as planets on the Aries Points bring a person into the public eye through those planets.  Transiting Pluto is squaring this natal aspect and Pluto also brings Fame (and capture).

Colton’s natal Mars is at 25 Gemini.  He had his Return before his 2d birthday.  When he was turning 2 Mars was going through a long retrograde in the sign of Cancer which indicates a lot of emotional stress at home.  He was probably under the influence of his first progressed Lunar Square at age 7 when his step-father passed away which could exaggerate the tension of Mars-Moon-Sun even more.

Natal Saturn is at 5 Aquarius opposing natal Jupiter at 4 Leo.  Clayton has a good understanding of how people relate to each other on a political level.  He is also a risk taker.

Abagnale, Jr. turned his life around.  I hope that Clayton can figure out how to do the same.

Once again I don’t feel good about putting him under the Bad Child of Divorce category.

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