Spoiled Children of Divorce

More Divorce Statistics
July 13, 2010, 11:44 pm
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Statistics are fun.

Can’t vouch for the accuracy of these statistics.  They are published by a legal firm that’s obviously looking at them and licking their chops.  I wonder how many divorce attorneys grew up in divorce.  Is that even possible from an emotional stand-point?

I guess the reason that California’s Divorce Statistics are always left out of the CDC’s Statistics is, because, well, it’s probably obvious.  Watching married couples move to the state is exactly the same as watching lemmings run off a cliff.

The median duration of a marriage is 7.2 years.”

–This is the time it takes for Uranus, ruler of divorce to pass through one sign.  Uranus likes to break the status quo.

75% of all divorced people re-marry, half of them within three years.

65% of all second marriages fail.

80% of divorced men and 75% of women remarry whether or not they have children, most within 3 years.”

What’s the significance of 3 years?  One Venus Return to get over the Divorce? And then another Venus Return to meet someone new and get hitched again?  Venus rules Marriage and one on one relationships.

“ONE in TWELVE couples will be heading for a divorce court after 24 months – more than double the figure for 7 years.”

That’s an easy one.  2 years is a Mars Return.  Mars rules impulsiveness and rash actions and individuality.  As ruler of Aries it opposes Libra, sign of Marriage, which is Venus’ domain.

“There are an estimated 1,075,000 children involved in divorce or 16.8 children per one thousand under the age of eighteen who are involved in their parents’ divorce.”

Huh, that’s not as high a figure as I expect.  No wonder the psych professions don’t follow us.  We’re not a big enough piece of the marketing pie.

“65% of divorces are initiated by women.”

Women are shown in Astrology by the Moon and Venus.  Not considering the usual initiators.  We live in interesting times.

“Single fathers maintaining their own household: 1.786 million
Single mothers maintaining their own household: 7.571 million

Single fathers living in the home of a relative: 240,000
Single mothers living in the home of a relative: 1.633 million

Single fathers who are divorced: 913,000
Single mothers who are divorced: 3.392 million

How can there be a difference in these two numbers?

Single fathers never married: 693,000
Single mothers never married: 4.181 million

–and these?  that’s a lot of trips to the sperm bank, let me tell ya.

Single fathers raising one child: 1,300,000
Single mothers raising one child: 5.239 million

Single fathers raising four or more children: 55,000
Single mothers raising four or more children: 475,000

Percentage of children (by race) living in two-parent households in 1998:
White: 74%
Black: 36%
Hispanic: 64%

Percentage of children with single parents (by gender) earning under $12,500 in 1998:
Living with fathers: 17%
Living with mothers: 41%

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