Spoiled Children of Divorce

Poisoned Apples
July 18, 2010, 8:29 pm
Filed under: Bad Step-Parent Stories, Parents and their Dates, Stepfamilies

Somebody left a comment saying that I ought to seek out the help of a therapist about my step-mother issues rather than hurt her feelings by discussing openly my thoughts and observations about how step-mothers treat their step-children.  She left a link to another site in the message which is probably damaging.  Her IP address is from Canada so if she comes back will know why I put her message in my spam filter.

For one, I went to therapists for years and years.  It doesn’t do any good because therapists don’t discuss divorce.  Period. 

I’ve mentioned positive step-mothers roles on this blog, other readers have recognized that I”ve done so, but these women simply want to come on here and fight.

Step-mothers keep insisting that they are not the problem.  They try.  Well, they try.  But, stupid is as stupid does.  If they are miserable as step-parents, then they simply aren’t the right folks for the job.  Get over yourselves.

I’m aware that the Witch who I’ve mentioned before who runs the Step-Mother site (no training to do counseling, mind you, they’re just getting together to bitch and complain and eat) has begun her idiot retreat this week-end.  The cat fight never ends.  The photo on her blog is classic.  Long frizzed out hair with gray streaks like bride of frankenstein, arms crossed in the ultimate defensive, closed off posture.  And she’s offering help to others.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall …

Another excuse for narcissism.

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Hello – you do make me chuckle with some of your observations!

Hey – don’t stop putting your wonderful posts up. I’ve read your post about your own stepmother and half the time I wanted to laugh at your acid wit and the other half I wanted to cry at the awful experience you had.

Yes, there may be good stories out there but you were relating your own bad story. Good for you – if, by reading your post, a child in a similar situation realises there’s someone out there who understands then you’ve been able to use your negative experiences to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Also, if, by reading your stories a step-parent or prospective step-parent (or even a natural parent) stops to think about how a child in their lives is being affected then you’ve done a good thing.

Comment by Sal

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