Spoiled Children of Divorce

Wikileaks and Children of Divorce

I’ve been sort of away from it all and have just noticed that the latest scandal, the release of thousands of U.S. military documents from the last five years, through an internet site called Wikileaks, is the brainchild of two Children of Divorce.

The media is portraying childhood divorce as the grand motivator of what is now being considered a criminal act.  A 22-year old information specialist, Bradley Manning, has been arrested.  Manning spent his time at work downloading secret videos and documents onto a Lady Gaga CD.  People are saying that he has “anger issues.”  Australian, Julian Assange, is the guy who runs the Wikileaks site.  He is being painted as a paranoid product of a chaotic childhood.  Both men are described as having problems dealing with Authority.

Isn’t it sort of the point of a parent who gets a divorce  to pursue a happier life?  Sometimes — often, actually — that involves questioning Authority.  I mean, when you think about it, the reason why we’re in the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is because those people won’t, or can’t, stand up against their governments.  They are afraid of Authority.  If we want to respect Authority that isn’t doing the right thing then shouldn’t we just join our enemies? I’m pretty certain we wouldn’t be hearing from Manning and Assange if we hadn’t been in a pointless set of wars for the last 8 years.  Pat Tillman was doing the same thing, granted he wasn’t from divorce so nobody gets to say that he was angry or paranoid (edit:  Pat Tillman’s parents are divorced).

So, the media journalists have lapsed into evil bitchy step-mothers with their descriptions of Assange and Manning.  Assange and Manning are screwed up products of their parents’ hatred.  Amazing how the attitude towards how divorce affects kids can spin on a dime.  There

Assange’s parents were Peace Activists who ran a traveling theater.  They divorced.  His Father became an architect.  I know not what age Assange was at the time of the divorce.   Mother moved her sons about 37 times before Assange was 16 years old whilst running from Hubby #2 so there’s some bad step-father visuals in there.  There are definitely a lot of interesting images concerning home and homelessness and moving in this guys’ life.  Assange withdrew into his computer work and became a hacker.  Why not?  He was probably given too much information about his Mother’s love life all through childhood.  “TMI” is not a big deal for a Child of D.  We’re raised with it on a day to day basis.  Who was the filmmaker who became a filmmaker by using the camera to try to catch his Father having an affair?

Now Assange sort of just lives in his head and on the Internet.  He doesn’t really have a home.  He lives all over the World, particularly in Iceland.  Iceland and its attitudes towards divorce.  Well, if that’s the direction in which we are flowing then we might as well start trying to learn from them.

Assange got married when he was 18 and subsequently divorced.  He went through a long custody battle which led to a hospitalization.  Seeing how the courts work is supposedly where he developed his distaste for Authority.  It looks like he at least tried to stay in his kids’ life.  That’s got to count for something.

Bradley Manning grew up in Oklahoma.  His parents divorced when he was in Middle School.  He moved with his Mother to Wales.  He’s only 22 years old.

What bugs me is how closeted these Hackers are with their birth data.  I can’t look up either chart.  Kind of interesting to observe how they feel more comfortable exposing the secrets but how secretive they themselves are (I can’t get their birth data).  Maybe they are used to being invisible?  Also interesting to see how they are seen as insubordinate for exposing flaws of authority figures when actually they are trying to hold on to democratic ideals.  I wonder if the journalists in the media who are currently trying to humiliate them are from intact families.

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