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Is a Child’s Personality Determined By Age 6?
August 12, 2010, 9:22 pm
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A researcher from Riverside (UC?) has just published a study which says that a child’s personality is set in place by the time he is 6 years old.   This certainly explains why so many adults act like First Graders.

The study matched personality scores of 2,400 children graded by their teachers in Hawaii in the 1960s with 144 of those same children as adults 40 years later.  I wonder if President Obama was included in the study.   At any rate, the people who were interviewed 40 years later seemed to show the same personality traits that their 1st grade Teachers had rated them on concerning personality.  The 4 elements which are said to determine personality are “talkativeness” “adaptability” “impulsiveness” and “self-minimizing behavior”.  Explanations of what those mean and how effectively people use them as adults are explained in this article about the study, among others.

What this study is supposed to show is that childrens’ personalities are not affected by events that happen to them later on in life, as is suggested by other researchers.  I wonder if the researchers acknowledge that 144 people who grew up in Hawaii in the 1960s doesn’t really seem to show anything conclusive to me.  Plus, I wouldn’t really expect kids growing up in Hawaii to represent normal personality development.  Hawaii in the 60s would have been a pretty bucolic place.  Why doesn’t anyone ever perform these studies on kids growing up in the Appalachia’s, North Dakota and downtown Detroit?

At any rate, I’m trying to match up these findings with the Astrology Returns Cycles and it’s a good exercise.  By the Age of 6 a child has gone through multiple Lunar Returns, several Mercury and Venus Returns, 3 Mars Returns and half of a Jupiter Return.  Except for the Lunar Returns, these are all inner planets which describe individuality.  Jupiter, along with Saturn, shows a connection with other children of a child’s same age as Jupiter changes signs roughly once a year.  So, Jupiter and Saturn show how a child relates to other kids of his close age.  The Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto show how a child relates within his generation.

At Age 6 children are just finishing the Jupiter Opposition.  If there’s any planet in astrology that describes “personality” it would be the Jupiterians.  Generally described as “personality plus.”  Jupiter is gregarious and larger than life. I showed a few examples of celebrities whose parents divorced when they were Age 6 and showed how I thought that the Jupiter Opposition shows a sort of larger than life style and expression.  Perhaps the word I was looking for was “personality.”

To backtrack, Astrology, at least the astrology that specializes in psychology, looks at 3 factors which describe the basic elements of an individual.  Personality is described by a person’s Ascendant.  This is the Sign, Ruler, and planets which are contained within the 1st house and is determined mostly by the time of day and place where an individual is born.  Along with Personality, Astrology recognizes the Sun and the Moon as showing other major components of a person.  The Sun describes Ego and the Moon describes the Character.  So, what I’m thinking is that Astrology paints a more broad minded portrait of human nature than psychology does, but all I’ve read of this study is what the media chooses to say about it and that’s probably just a sales pitch.

In the natural horoscope wheel the Personality is described by the first house.  Individual charts will show different sign and planetary emphasis in their 1st house, but the Natural Astrology Chart is ruled by the sign of Aries and the planet Mars.  A child goes through his first Mars Return usually right before his second Birthday and roughly every other year thereafter.  I talked about this in the blog post on “Age 2.”  Mars/Aries is where an Astrologer will look for how a child expresses Impulsiveness, self-assertion, and “doing one’s own thing” as these are key descriptors for Mars.  And Mars Returns are a major part of childhood.

Mars is also a key ruler of relationships through his rulership of the Male/Masculine side of people and because he rules one end of the Relationship Axis on the Wheel.  Although this is rarely included in interpretations about Mars I did note in my post that Children going through their Divorce at Age 2 seem to be the ones who most blame themselves for their parents’ split.  So, in a way, the personality trait which measures “self-minimizing” behavior may actually be related to Mars.

The 2d Key Element of Individuals is the Sun which shows the Ego.  A child goes through his first Solar Return on his first Birthday and every year thereafter.  The Sun in Astrology indicates the Ego.  Mars will show a creative spark or urge, the urge to be first, acting before thinking.  Sun will show a Creative Expression.  The Sun rules self-confidence as well as ego-centricity.  A child learns “self-minimizing” behaviors by over-stepping the bounds of his naturally big ego and his naturally forthright Mars impulses.  The Sun and its sign Leo are where we get our most generous traits from.  They rule the heart and big-heartedness.

Jupiter is not considered to rule a major part of an Individual by Astrology but maybe it ought to be.  There are interesting links with both the Sun and Mars because these three are the Fire Signs of the Zodiac.  They rule together within a Harmonious Trine.  Fire gives impulsive, creativity, enthusiasm, positive, out-going, adventurous, masculine energy to an individual.  Their energies are easy to see in most children.

Jupiter could be said to rule the personality traits that the Teachers graded on and that the researcher of the study followed.  Because Jupiter rules two Mutable Signs (Pisces in Old Style Astrology) it is considered very “adaptable.”  “Mutable” means “flexibility” and “adaptability.”

As ruler of the Mutable Signs Jupiter also is connected with “talkativeness” through language development and grammar.  I’ve discussed its connections with vocabulary development at the time of the square transit of the Return Cycle at Age 3 and with it’s overdoing of use of vocabulary, often through “potty mouth” during the trine at Age 4.  It’s interesting that by Age 6, Jupiter will be opposing itself.

Jupiter won’t have a full Return, however, until between the Ages 10 and 12 in a child.  So, I can’t really relate the astrology very strongly to the researcher’s findings in this study.  This first return cycle seems to mark the end of childhood.

What is left out, when compared with Astrology, is the 3d Key Element that Astrology looks at in Individuals is the provided by the Moon. The Moon is said to determine an individual’s character.

I think this might be what the researcher’s study is missing out on.  Modern Society, and the United States in particular, is known to be lacking in encouraging the Lunar side of people.  This is the feminine side of humanity.  The Moon shows the reflective and more internal part of a person and is related to a person’s deepest needs and hungers.  It can show how a person best handles his Shadow side because the Moon doesn’t really fear the Dark the way that the Sun does.

The Moon is the next influential partial Return cycle transit that is coming up by Age at around Age 6-7.  I’m going to write about it in relation to its counterpart Saturn Cycle transit.  Saturn rules the opposite sign that the Moon rules and indicates a person’s Destiny.  The two working together describe the old saying that “Character is Fate.” Kids who are around this age when their parents divorce seem to be strongly traumatized by the divorce.  And, although I don’t give advice here on this blog, I would tend to advise not forcing a child to go through a divorce at this age.

Personality is great, we do really well on a social level if we have a positive way of expressing our personality.  And we can’t do that if we don’t have the confidence that the Sun provides.  But what we do with it will be determined by the parts of the Horoscope which are related to Moon and Saturn.

With the current transit of Pluto just having changed signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn it makes sense that the psychologists would have focused on the Jupiterian element.  I wonder if they won’t begin to move on to understanding the Capricorn / Saturn side of children for the next 15 or 20 years.  Can’t remember how long Pluto will be in Capricorn.

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