Spoiled Children of Divorce

How Far Away From Mommy Will You Ever Really Move?
August 19, 2010, 9:12 pm
Filed under: Birth Order, Leaving the "Nest", relationship with Mother

On another website a poster from Germany started a thread asking if American children tend to move out of their parents’ house at a younger age than European children and kids from other countries.  Probably the answer is yes.  There were quite a few stories of kids leaving a house to get away from a step-parent but there were just as many other stories of kids who needed to get out within weeks of turning 18.

Someone added a link to this article.  Researchers Robert A. Pollack, Ph.D and Janice Compton did a study for the University of Michigan Retirement Research Center and found some interesting results about how the majority of kids stay within proximity of their Mothers after the age of 25.  They studied the issue from many points of view.  Birth Order has no impact except that only children tend to stay around their Mothers.  Gender has no impact except that unmarried men are more likely to live with their Mothers than unmarried Women (20 percent).  Also, if you go to College you are less likely to live close to your Mother.  There were other results regarding race and ethnicity and marriage listed as well.  Lots of people don’t cut these strings.

I guess I will add this:  there was no mention of what children from Divorce do or don’t do.  They do a comparison study to see how much kids from divorce worry about their Divorced Mothers as compared with worrying about their Intact Mothers.  Maybe Elizabeth Marquardt has some information about this.  I remember that she did manage to ask some related questions.

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