Spoiled Children of Divorce

Book About Spoiled Children
September 7, 2010, 9:51 pm
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Have been mindlessly perusing a book I found in the library called Raising a Happy, Unspoiled Child:  How Parents Can be Both Firm and Loving and Help Their Baby Develop Into a Secure and Well-Adjusted Child by Burton L. White.  Kind of strange that the author who specializes in child development of up to 3 years old doesn’t seem to discuss divorce, meaning that he doesn’t seem to be aware of ALL THE SPOILED CHILDREN OF DIVORCE WHO ARE PLAGUING THE WORLD THIS VERY MINUTE!!!

Okay, Okay, calming down, inhale, exhale.

At any rate, babies begin to start crying With INTENTION at age 5 1/2 months.  And so, if Mom and Dad fall for that the kid will be a totally demanding mess for the rest of his/her life.

Hmmm, 5 1/2 months by Astrological Cycle standards.  Is there any way to associate these with why a baby would suddenly understand that he can intentionally make demands?  That would be around the time of the first Mercury and Venus oppositions (oppositions, relationships, balance) and the first Mars square (challenges).  Venus is probably the planet associated most with being spoiled through rulership of money and possessions, anything sugar coated.  Venus through Libra rulership can feel incomplete as a person, and, in an undeveloped state, will always be looking outside him or herself for Happiness.  (Venus rules the Feminine principle).  Mars is the planet associated with going ahead and doing what one wants regardless of what others think (the Masculine principle).  Mercury is the Trickster.  I wonder if it’s Mercury’s cleverness that is associated most with “Intention.”

At any rate, the writer tells parents how to decipher a real cry from an intentional one.  I have noticed that as someone who doesn’t have children I tend to assume that all children are crying intentionally just to be a pain in the ass.  I think this is probably true of how most step-mothers approach step-parenting.

The really interesting thing about Burton L. White’s work is that he separates the phases of development by the Jupiter Cycle.  He says that if you handle the first two years correctly your kid will be happy and easy going (Jupiterian words) by the Age of 3.  Then he says that Age 6, around time of first Jupiter Opposition, there’s another phase of development in which “Spoiled” will come up.  Basically, Jupiter’s negative side is that he overdoes everything.  Jupiter doesn’t handle restraints and barriers very well.  Often it’s really fun when Jupiter is overdoing things because generally he does it with fun and flair.  When you say that a person is acting “Full of Himself” often you are sort of describing his Jupiter side.  Jupiterians tend to be Charmers.  In adulthood I suspect that it’s more the Saturnians who are spoiled as adults.  Saturn will demand things left and right and it’s much more complicated a situation to deal with on an emotional level because Saturn tends to rule depression and feelings of failure and compensation.  I’m dragging my feet writing about the Saturn cycle at this point.

As I’ve said before, Childhood as described by the Astrological Cycles is described by the Inner Planets.  It seems to end at around the time of the first Jupiter Return which occurs around Age 11.

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