Spoiled Children of Divorce

Out Out Damn Spot
September 14, 2010, 5:17 pm
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The situations we put ourselves in in life.  Very very rarely do the searches coming into this blog say things like “How do I deal with an evil stepparent?”  That makes me think that the kids don’t complain.  Of course, they have nothing much to compare a miserable experience with in life.  And if you start life with the worst relationships in the world then there is no place to go but up.  Of course, you’ll have grown up being blamed for everything that your parents screwed up during your childhood, but maybe this is something that most of us don’t pay attention to.  I think that most parents blame their misery on the fact that they have kids.  Kids are a pain in the ass.  If you love the kids then I guess there is a trade off.  If you feel that you have the chance to add something of yourself to the world through your kids maybe there’s pay off.

So, at any rate, I thought I’d share this search that came in.  It explains the ever existent misery of the step-parent.

worst job in the world step parent

Is parenting a job?  I know that probably most second and third marriages have a strong financial component.  Once you’ve gone through a divorce you will never enter another relationship without awareness of the financial gains of marriage.

The kids, though.  Do they think of “step-childing” as a job?  I know that the step-parents have chosen their job.  The step-children have had their “jobs” foisted upon them.  A relationship which the person has chosen to be in and which he/she calls the “worst” is a naturally stressful experience.  Of course, the shrinkeepoos would never relate this to PTSD? The words for the C of D’s is “Pity Party” and “Spoiled” and “Bitter” and, and, well, you get the point, don’t you?  (Well, actually from what I’m observing is that you don’t get the point, and that’s the point of this blog).

Perhaps then this isn’t really a job for the children.  The duty of a Child of Divorce is to duck and stay out of the way until age 18 or earlier when one escapes the Hell.  Funny.  “Duck” and “Stay Out of The Way” are actually the words that Californians use to prepare for earthquakes.  Perhaps Children of Divorce are natural Californians.  Either way, in Astrology Divorce and Earthquakes share the same rulership of Uranus.

As long as those stupid comments keep coming in I’ll keep writing these stupid posts no matter how much of a downer they are.

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