Spoiled Children of Divorce

Kids With Rich Intelligent Parents Have it Worse in Divorce?
September 27, 2010, 10:07 pm
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A Judge in England is calling for reform of the English family justice system saying that parents have to stop using their children as weaponry during the proceedings.  He says that the more intelligent and wealthier parents are the worst.

That’s very interesting and something that I actually agree with.  Intelligent people are more manipulative and richer people are as well.  Rich people also tend to compete with their kids more and are simply more used to stomping on and objectifying other people in order to get what they want.  They also have prioritized their lives around their their work (and/or their money) rather than around their families so the kids just don’t mean as much to them.  Having grown up around upper middle class kids in divorce and having spent most of my adulthood around people from lower and middle class divorced families I definitely agree with this.  The stuff that went on in the families I grew up around was unbelievable.

Article here. The Judge needs a new wig.  That aside, thanks for speaking out, Dude.  Of course, we’ll rarely hear any intelligent observations like this coming from the “Get Help” communities.

“Well-off parents use children as weapons in divorce, says judge” by Steve Doughty.

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