Spoiled Children of Divorce

Step-Dad v. Step-Dad
September 27, 2010, 11:02 pm
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Since the Step-Mothers are so verbally abusive I never get a real sense of what the Step-Fathers think of their step-children.  Aside from some drunk guy who was bitching about his step-children of the step-parents’ forums we don’t really hear from the fathers except when some news cast tells us about another one who has sexually molested and/or murdered his step-children.  I sort of assume that the presence of step-fathers is slightly different.  Perhaps this is only part of a generational thing that isn’t as common but in my day a major reason for remarriage was financial stability.  My Mother didn’t remarry and I didn’t have to live with any of her boyfriends.   Since all of them were alcoholics I never really felt obliged to hang around and have long friendly chats.  Some of the guys she met in bars would call in the middle of the night when she wasn’t home and want to have some pretty rancid chit-chat.

At any rate, a story about a Step-Father has hit the news.  A policeman found out that his step-daughter had had pre-age sex and while off duty motored on over to the boyfriends’ house while still in his uniform to yell at the kid.  This is kind of interesting because it’s probably a common thing for parents to call the cops to find their teenage kids to break up the sex.

The news reports don’t seem to know for sure that an off duty cop impersonating himself is a bad thing.  They keep asking the question, is this a concerned parent acting just a little out of control?  Or is this some guy who watches too many cop shows on TV where the guy is so lovable that he can get away with this kind of shit.  Guess he should have called another cop.  Thing is, as the policeman was yelling at the kid, the boys’  Step-Father was capturing the event on his cell phone.  Hahahahahhahahaha!  It looks like there’s a little racial tension going on here as well so in the end nobody’s going to back down on this one.

Now we have to wonder.  Will this cop lose his job?  Will he go to jail? Will he be told that this isn’t CSI?   Will he be forced to pay for his step-daughter’s therapy for all the relationships that she’s going to screw up in the future because of this event?  I sort of guess that she probably already feels a little oppressed by this guy’s bravado at home anyway. One can only imagine how tense that scene is.  Interesting that in the video which is linked to in the article a woman is interviewed as saying that people will have more understanding for the cop because he is a “step-father.”  I don’t know what she means by that.

The Statistics having to do with attitudes towards premarital sex is going to be drastically different simply because they have grown up watching their own parents date and have watched their parents enter intimate relationships with strangers.  Here’s a good article which reprises Judith Wallerstein’s research.  Parents who grew up in Intact families probably expect their children to have the same level of innocence that they grew up with.  If kids are traumatized by living so closely with their parents’ sex lives, they may also become repressed by trying to not repeat mistakes and may harm themselves by being afraid to have relationships.

Apparently, after yelling at the boy, the cop went home and put his step-daughter through the same thing. (Of course, the Mother just stood there passively watching and letting it happen).  The cop drove his step-daughter down to Juvenile Hall for her fake arrest.   Article is here. Wonder if this hurts less when it’s your real Father who does shit like this?  I think I might preferred to be abused by a stranger than by someone who really loves me.

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