Spoiled Children of Divorce

Discovery Health on Divorce Myths
October 1, 2010, 7:27 am
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This is a little interactive article about debunking Divorce Myths from Discovery Health.  It’s written by David Propenoe.

4 of the myths actually discuss the children — go figure.  There’s talk from (I’m assuming, no footnotes) Elizabeth Marquardt’s study about how only kids from very high conflict marriages benefit from divorce.  Kids in step-families usually have improvement in financial status but the relationships bring so much stress that step-families are considered as stressful as single parent households.  The Long term effects of growing up in divorce are often worse than the short term effects.  And kids from divorce have a higher divorce rate in their own lives (just don’t plan on having children during the first marriage and this won’t be a problem).

On one hand, womens’ living standards drop by 27 percent while on the other hand mens’ living standards improve by 10 percent.  The kids usually live with the Mother so they become the lead weight in Mommy’s life, along with the fact that she’s a female, of course, she is under payed at work, and all of her friends are dumping her because they don’t want her to steal their husbands.


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