Spoiled Children of Divorce

Your Parents’ Job Predicts His/Her Potential To Divorce?

Article at jezebel.com discusses a study published in Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology which has tracked which jobs carry the highest divorce rate.  If your Mommy and/or Daddy is a Dancer/Choreographer then they are most likely to run you through a divorce.  I suspect that they would also be much less likely to have children, though, because they are either Anorexic, Can’t give up use of their bodies for an entire season, or are Gay.  The next highest rates of divorce belong to bartenders, massage therapists, gaming cage workers, extruding machine operators (explanation of what that is is in the article), and people who work in food and tobacco factories.

Possible explanations given for this high divorce rate are low income and extroverted personalities.  Although there is discussion about whether or not an  extruding machine operators is a people person.

There is a link to another article which discusses professions with the lowest divorce rates.  Media and Communication Equipment workers have a 0 percent Divorce rate.  Maybe they never get married in the first place?  Also very low are Agricultural Engineers, Sales Engineers, Optomotrists, Podiatrists, Transit and Rail Police, The Clergy and Religious advisors, and Nuclear Engineers.  I’m surprised that psychologists aren’t included in this study (A little self-censorship in order to avoid embarrassment?).  Every psychologist I’ve been too has been divorced at least once and refuses to discuss that subject.

These professions are thought to bring in more cash, of course.  They also attract personality types who are stable, sober, and methodical.

So, I suppose this provides solace for the Children of Divorce who get to have Fun and Pretty Mommies and Daddies.  They are Fun, that is, until the divorce.  And then they are really not fun at all.  And it is also useful for Children of D to understand their psychological inheritance, hopefully in order to be able to mentally distance one’s self from it.

At any rate, my advice for the average Child of Divorce who is looking for some help from the Shrinkee professions is to seek out a criminal psychologist for the therapeutics.  They seem to have more realistic attitudes towards what’s going on in the family.



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