Spoiled Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce and Stroke Risk
December 1, 2010, 11:11 pm
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A study out of Canada has shown that Children of Divorce are twice as likely to suffer from stroke as adults.  The study was compiled from 2005 statistics of 13,000 people who live in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  The researchers also found that Children of Divorce are more likely to suffer from abuse in general.

Half of the article is spent trying to sooth the panicking divorced Mothers of the world by making excuses for the results.  As usual the panicky feeling of the grown-up kids who are at twice the risk for stroke is ignored.

The people studied were apparently all born in the 1950s and it is thought that Divorce today is much easier on the child.  Hahahahaha.  Kids from Divorced families these days tend to come from poor families.  How does that make things easier?

But, hey, thanks Maple Leafs.  At least you are bothering to do the study in the first place.  The Researchers asked the participants if they were from Divorce while researching for abuse.  That would never happen in the U.S.

University of Toronto gerontologist Esme Fuller-Thompson, PhD, and colleagues ….

“We can only say there is an association between parental divorce and adult stroke, and that a lot of the pathways we considered key mediators of stroke are not correct,” Fuller-Thompson tells WebMD. “Neither health behaviors nor depression nor adult socioeconomic status can explain the stroke risk we saw.”

The Canadian researchers took advantage of data from the 2005 Canadian Community Health Survey of more than 13,000 residents of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Fuller-Thompson’s team was investigating the link between childhood physical abuse and health outcomes. They included parental divorce as one of the childhood stresses they wanted to evaluate. Indeed, they found that divorce was more common in families in which there was abuse.

“When we looked at adult risk of stroke, we found the association was not with abuse but parental divorce during childhood,” Fuller-Thompson says. “We guessed, this association would go away if we controlled for healthy behavior — there is some evidence that children of divorced parents are more likely to smoke and to drink.”

Instead of making the association go away, controlling for health behavior and other factors only strengthened the link between childhood experience of divorce and adult stroke.

Despite the increased risk, the vast majority of adults whose parents divorced did not have strokes.

“Children of Divorce face Higher Stroke Risk:  As Adults, Kid Whose Parents Divorce Have Twofild Higher Stroke Risk.”  by Daniel J. DeNoon.

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