Spoiled Children of Divorce

January 30, 2011, 10:48 pm
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I’m sort of sitting here limp like a wet noodle with shock.  I pulled a book off the library shelf called  NurtureShock is written by authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merriman.  It’s very new.  Very trendy.  Published in 2009.  It’s about modern child rearing.

Author Po Bronson was born in 1964.  If he didn’t experience Divorce as a child then at least half of his friends did.  Half of the people he works with did.  Bronson’s certainly not aware of Divorce as it affects children.

The bio on the back flap of the cover says that Bronson lives in San Francisco, California with his wife and two children.  As I’ve said before California is the most heavily populated state in the United States with probably the highest Divorce rate.  Yet, the CDC hasn’t included Divorce rates for California with the National Statistics since the early 1980s.  And that pretty much explains why people think that the Divorce rate has leveled off.  As a matter of fact, while  trying to find out what the Divorce rate for California might actually be, I went through the Wikipedia entries for all the counties in California to pull up household statistics county by county.  All but two of the counties in California include a paragraph on Statistics about households in the counties.  Not about divorce specifically, but about how many households have children.  Some mention single parents, some don’t.  San Francisco is one of the two counties which doesn’t mention any of this.  As they say:  Zip, Zero, Nadda.  San Francisco have the lowest child per household of any county in California.  I think about 15 percent of the households have a kid knocking around in the cupboards somewhere.  Go to Castro Street on Halloween and you’ll see how true this statistic is.  Bronson’s kids have Bronson’s friends for playmates.

The subjects that are written about in the book are really entertaining so I guess the idea for the book was drummed up while Bronson was in a fallow period of figuring out what to write about next. He’s a best-selling writer and was probably contracted to spit this thing out.

There’s a Chapter on how kids these days get 1 hour less sleep a day than they did 30 years ago.   That will be an interesting read.  I’m expecting to read some physics about how this occurs because of some sort of lightbulb radiation.  Anxiety over Mommy who’s crying in the next room drunk off her ass won’t be included as one of the reasons.  I’m absolutely sure of that.

There’s a chapter on how white parents don’t talk about race with their children.  Huh?  Wull, that’s news to me.  Bronson, of course, is talking about how White People living in either Pacific Heights or Telegraph Hill don’t talk about race with their children.  That’s because the public school systems in San Francisco are so bad that rich White Parents put their kids in exclusive private schools where minority kids only go if they are super geniuses on scholarship.  I guess in this chapter I’ll just replace the word  “Race” with the word  “Divorce” to understand the way that White People parent use denial in their parenting procedures. We must remember that only 15 percent of adults in San Francisco even have children.  And, if making less than $100,000 per year, these people are most likely Hispanic.  Poor whites and blacks have moved over to the East Bay.

Big Chapter on Siblings.  Wonder if Step-Siblings will be mentioned.  Half siblings?  The Birth Order lecture but without the re-Birth Order of Step Families and Half Families?  That’s to be expected.  Maybe I’ll be surprised?   This is a book about shock, after all.

“Divorce” isn’t mentioned in the Table of Contents.  “Divorce” isn’t listed in the index.  This is a book about Modern Child Psychology?  “Hey Mom  I’m, I’m, I’m Where’s Home?  Call me later, Mom, I’ll be at the neighbors’.”


Okay, Okay, I’m negative and mean and suffer from Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder (teehee).  And I’m really, really frustrated and totally freaked out by this.  And I haven’t read the book yet.  I’m just speculating. (but, really folks, how can people be so damn dumb?)

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