Spoiled Children of Divorce

Do U.S. Governors Come From Broken Homes?
February 24, 2011, 1:57 am
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Heard an interview on the radio this morning in which an expert on Osama bin Laden, Michael Scheuer, discusses the fact that Osama bin Laden is not mentally ill.  He says that, as a matter of fact, none of Al Qaida fits the description for mentally ill adults.  For example, they don’t come from broken homes, among other qualities which create mental illness.  Well, for one, Osama bin Laden does come from a broken home.  I don’t understand the term “expert” here.  And, for two, people who act like cretons sometimes come from broken homes, but more often they come from intact families.  And I don’t have any statistics on that.  But, Children of Divorce are generally not like the guy who just shot the Congresswoman in Arizona, for example.  For one, they usually have to get out of the house the day they turn 18 because the child support ends.

I know, I know, the blog is going to receive more malware messages which I may or may not download for saying this.  And Michael Scheuer is an expert only on what he reads and he has never read anything to the contrary about Children of Divorce.

Don’t get me wrong, coming from a Broken Home does mean that you’re from a Broken Home.  And that’s stressful.

But, anyway, this kind of little information malfunction about growing up in divorce that passes by in the news is never corrected so I’m getting my little jab in here.

So I thought about the teeny tiny information malfunction about Osama bin Laden for a little too long until I blew it way out of proportion with my usual catty curiosity.   I pulled up the Wiki listing of Current Governors in the United States to see if I could figure out how many of them are from Broken Homes.  This was inspired by yesterday’s post about the Minutemen.  I wanted to observe how Divorce is working out in politics.  I’ve looked at Bad Leaders on a Global Level.  Got frustrated by the lack of Intellectual Leaders.  Was annoyed by how many actors and actresses come from broken homes.  Now, I figure, who are the folks who aren’t securing the borders?  Not that they need to be secured, maybe it’s best just to completely erase the borders, what do I know on the subject?  Anyway, I’m mostly only going by the Wikipedia articles for my totally hasty and inept analysis here.  Children of Divorce are cagey.  We know when to keep our mouths shut.  Apparently like bin Laden, we are good at hiding under rocks no matter how many drones you send after us.

Out of the 50 Governors of the United States I could only affirm that 5 come from a single parent home.  The word “Divorce” is used I believe only once in a Biography.  We would rather hear about 30 years of somebody’s Mom battling the Big C before we would want to hear an adult confess that his parents went through  the Big D.  You lose your Divorced votes.  You lose your Catholics.  The Jews don’t care probably.  That’s nice.

In all Wiki bios it was better to say that the person was ” raised by a single Mother” than to say that the Governor “went through his/her parents’ divorce in such and such a year.”  As a matter of fact, 3 of the five had never met their Fathers.  One had been adopted by a Stepfather.  If a parent died you hear about what age the person was and how he overcame this horrible loss.  And, although, researchers have sort of admitted that coming from Divorce is harder on a kid than coming from a Parental Death, no one wants to hear about it while they are trying to decide how to vote for their leader.

So most of the Governors from splitsville never actually experienced their Fathers as parents at all.  There are some choice sarcastic comments I can say hear which I won’t.

These Governors have no recollection of  “Before the Divorce” and “After the Divorce.”  They know that people can like them if they play the poor single Mom card.  No one would vote for a Governor I suspect who admitted that he had a poor, single Father.  That’s not good genes for Governance.  (Or is it?)

Many of the Governors don’t discuss family of origin at all in their biographies.  That’s sometimes a sign that they went through the proverbial nasty divorce and know to keep their mouths shut about it.  If the Wikipedia post didn’t give any information I tried to google around a little to see if there was anymore mention of their upbringings. Some I just couldn’t affirm either way; it’s generally just assumed that a person will be from an Intact Family.

I do find it interesting to realize what a political hand grenade saying that one bounced from one home to another is.  President Obama did it.  I remember hearing all my P.C. friends say that his Mother was obviously an amazing woman.  They didn’t seem to be curious why Obama moved in with his Grandparents.  I don’t know about Senators and Congresspeople.  Maybe someday I’ll check some of them out.  I suspect that the numbers might open up a bit more.  Easier to discuss legislation and right and wrong on a broad scale in those jobs.   If you’ve never been Governed yourself on a personal level, how will you ever know how to Govern others on a massive level?  Actually, President Obama’s doing a pretty good job. And so are the 5 or so children of single Mothers who are currently governing.

(Mike Beebe, Democrat from Arkansas.  Deval Patrick, Democrat from Massachusetts.  Brian Sandoval, Republican from Nevada.  Gary Herbert, Republican from Utah.  Christine Gregoire, Democrat from Washington. That’s my list.  Can’t vouch for accuracy).

I do suspect, with the Divorce rate assumed to be around 50 percent that one can not really say “I went through my parents’ divorce.”  That’s an auto-delete on the voting ballot for all the people who don’t want to be reminded of themselves.  In California, where we haven’t kept track of the Divorce rate since I believe 1984, (but which is probably well above the “National Average”) all of the Governors who have been elected since the 70s have come from Intact homes.  Probably not Happy Intact Homes, but at least Homes that instilled the amount of confidence that it takes to govern a State with a sense of honor (as compared with the scrappy Minutemen who are running around shooting each other’s heads off down by the Border).

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