Spoiled Children of Divorce

How Divorce Trauma Might Affect You Healthwise as Indicated by Pluto Generations…

This is a big leap of speculation here.  After watching the interviews with Esme Fuller-Thomson  in which she has managed to rule out about 16 major reasons why Children of Divorce in her study have twice the rate of Strokes as people from Intact families, I began to realize that, in Astrology, Strokes are literally ruled by Uranus.  And, Uranus is the same planet which overall rules Divorce and Blended Families.  I had just read a description on another forum about what it feels like to have a stroke and to go through re-hab.  Don’t know if it’s typical, but it actually felt a lot like being a kid in a divorce.  The person said she was aware of everything that was going on but when she tried to speak she couldn’t get the words out.  I think that because children don’t have vocabulary to express what they are feeling in an event which is way beyond their experience.  They don’t have authority or control over what happens to them.  ( I can see the relationship, but probably no one else can.)

Fuller-Thomson is very careful in saying that she suspects that this might only be true for people who participated in her study which are a much older generation, born mostly in the 1940s.  There was much more stress about going through Divorce at that point because of financial loss and social stigma and probably loss of one of the parents which wouldn’t be explained very well until they got older.  People born in the 1940s all belong to the Pluto in Leo generation.  The opposite sign of Leo is Aquarius which is ruled by Uranus.  And this would be the sign which is most traumatized by a Pluto transit as Pluto represents our sense of Power and Self Will.  The sign opposite will probably experience a sense of loss of power, especially over relationships as oppositions rule relationships.

Pluto is a great planet to look at for pathologies.  It actually rules pathology, and parts of the medical field including psychiatry, research, and deep seated diseases within the soul.  Pluto rules poisons along with Neptune but, unlike Neptune, it likes to confront these poisons — at least in other people, Pluto often doesn’t have the greatest self-knowledge.  Pluto is also ruler of death.  And Pluto is ruler of all crises on a mass scale. And, of course, it describes how we deal with other people’s moneys and resources, deep resentments, revenge, so is also heavily involved in the Divorce scenario.

Pluto has a very irregular orbit, stays in some signs for a very long time and for less length in other signs.    It was in the sign of Cancer, for example, for roughly 25 years between 1914 and 1939 and in the sign of Libra for 12  years between 1972 and 1984.  Cancer is the sign which rules the family and Mother.  Libra is the sign which rules Marriage.  It was the Pluto in Cancer generation which went through the big Divorce Tsunami back in the 70s when Pluto squared their natal Plutos (Squares bring big Challenges in how we deal with our personal power). Row v. Wade, The Pill and No Fault Divorce came around this time and led to the sexual revolution.  (Pluto rules Sex, you know those Scorpios …)

Whatever sign Pluto is in it will try to change and eradicate whatever is not working within society as regards that sign.  This is a great purification process, a pruning which looks for the deepest problems.  And often these are the things which are most painful to change within ourselves.  And you need help with that, thus the huge amount of shrinks hanging up their signs all over the place at around this time.

It can also indicate a deep seated and selfish need to think only about our own self interests.  When Pluto hit its own sign of Scorpio in 1984, California stopped including Divorce Statistics in the CDC’s databanks which greatly skews the Statistics on Divorce for the entire country since California has become the most populated and probably has the most Divorces.  Parents figured that if they took care of themselves their kids would be better off.  There’s a kernel of truth in that, but I tend to like to recognize that Divorce disables the parenting instincts in most cases for a really long time in a child’s short life.

So, it makes sense, astro-wise to look to look at generations through Pluto’s eyes.  It would also make sense to pay attention to Uranus’ transits as well.  Uranus passes through a sign roughly every 7 years, creating great hopes and a need for rebellion in whatever sign it is passing through.  Neptune is also the other great outer planet to look at.  Neptune is related to dissolving whatever is creating too much stress and hostility, such as marriages that don’t work, especially if related to escapist behaviors of any kind.  Neptune is related more to the states of denial that society as a whole is in.  Neptune lays the foundation for creating great Art by taking away the foundations.  Foundations can create rules and rules can be cruel because they show intolerance for those who are suffering.  Neptune paints rosy colored pictures and fuzzy ideas about how things ought to be.

Right now, I’m going to hang with the Pluto signs, though.  Pluto has just entered the sign of Capricorn which means that family structures will go through some sort of change/ transformation, probably relating to Authority, Control, and Societal Expections and Ambitions.

The health thing that I’m looking for (this is all wild fantasy and speculation) is related to the sign that opposes wherever Pluto is.  Pluto equals our sense of power.  We can easily look to the sign opposing where the power is to try to understand where the loss of power will most likely manifest.  And where the seeds of future health problems might sow themselves.

When Pluto was in Leo perhaps the place where loss of power was felt by everyone was in the opposing sign of Aquarius.  This led to the hippie generation and the great hopes and wishes (Aquarius keywords) for the Aquarian age, even though the Age of Aquarius was still about 150 years off in the future.  Aquarius likes to think about the future, by the way, so this isn’t weird (another Aquarius keyword) at all from Aquarius point of view.  We need our futurists.

At any rate, Uranus rules the lower legs, especially the ankles.   It rules the circulatory systems of the body, especially of the blood.  It rules nerves and nervous disorders, especially ones that are acute with sudden onset.  It rules cramps and spasms in the body, anything erratic and with sudden onset.  And distribution of gases and fluids.  And irregularities of the heart.  It rules psychology and sociability.  One can see how this generation is very concerned with those particular parts of personality.  Any child in the U.S. who isn’t highly socialized has been diagnosed as autistic.

The other finding that Dr. Fuller-Thomson has published are the higher Suicidal tendencies of Children of Divorce.  She found that boys’ rates go up greatly, girls not so much (I read the article incorrectly when I wrote about it before, sorry).   Leo and Aquarius are masculine signs.  Leo, ruler of the Ego and Pride is often related in a dark sense to depression and suicide.  I would expect the Pluto in Virgo generation to show greater suicidcal tendencies in females since those are feminine signs.

The natal chart will show any of these disorders much more than the generational problem will.  I’m just trying to look at how a generation might show traumatic reaction and how these might change through the generations.  I would expect that the Pluto generations of the  Cardinal Signs to be much more heavily affected in a traumatic way by disruption in the home.  These signs rule the houses of relationships and home life/parents.  But, maybe I’m wrong.

I’m going to list Pluto’s transit through signs since that time and the health problems which are associated with the sign opposite.  This is speculation.  Wild speculation.  But it would be interesting to see eventually if these correspond with reality down the road.  This means that each generation will express Plutonian trauma in different parts of their bodies and psychologies.  Because I’m lazy, I’m mostly posting physical diseases.  These are mostly from The Rulership Book by Rex E. Bills.

Pluto in Leo:  1938-1957.

Opposite/Afflicted Sign is Aquarius:

Ankles, Circulatory Systems of the body, especially blood.  Distributions of fluids and water distribution.  Nerves and nervous disorders, especially anything uncommon or acute and unexpected.  Lymphatic system.  Air sign.  Cramps and Spasms.  Heart irregularities.  Free Will, Psychology, Sociability. The connection with the brain and the nervous system is always going to struggle with understanding feelings.  The brain doesn’t have any actual sensations itself.  Therefore, Uranus/Aquarius problems will deal with emotional grief in ways that others might not understand, or will ignore because they think that there was no reaction.

Pluto in Virgo:  1957/8-1972

Opposite/Afflicted Sign is Pisces:

Feet, deformities, Lymphatic System, Phlegm, Mucous, Glandular Swellings.  Poisons.  Suicidal thoughts and sorrow.  Difficult to diagnose diseases.  Anesthesia, alcoholism, addiction, escapism.  Self Undoing.  Self Injury.  Psychism, Sacrifice, Service.  Enemies.

Pluto in Libra:  1972 – 1984

Opposite/Afflicted Sign is Aries:

Head, Fevers and Inflammation, Brain diseases, Dryness, Heat exhaustion, Adrenalin, Migraine, Skull, Vertigo, Epilepsy, Eyes in general, Optic nerves, toothaches, Mumps, Measles, Insomnia.  Cuts, Burns, Alopecia.

Pluto in Scorpio:

Afflicted Sign is Taurus:  1984-1995,

Boy, I’d expect the Scorpio problems to come out but I’ll stick with my theory here.  Neck, Throat, Base of Brain and Skull, Chin, Ears in general.  Lower Mouth, gums, teeth, jaw.  Voice, Speech, Swallowing, Obesity, Coughs, Abscesses, Adenoids, Cerebellum, diptheria, Esophasus, Upper part, gangrene, goitres, gout, mumps, (nose rings, haha it’s true), palates, saliva.PHysical constitution and recuperative power.  Thyroid, strangulation, suffocation. Stubbornness.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

Afflicted Sign is Gemini:  1995 – 2008.

Arms, Hands, Fingers, Breathing, Collar Bones, Shoulders, Upper lobes of lungs, ribs.  Mind, concrete thinking, memory, mental faculties, nerves and nervous system.  Perception. Respiratory System. Asthma, oxygenation of blood, pulmonary circulation, bronchitis, bronchial tubes.  Emphysema.   Restlessness.  Hay Fevers.  Nervous energy.  Pneumonia.  Rumors, gossip.  Tuberculosis, whooping cough, anemia.

Pluto in Capricorn:

Afflicted Sign is Cancer:  2008-2024.

Chest Cavity, Breasts, Diaphragm, Stomach, Lower Lobes of Lungs, Upper Lobes of Liver.  Blood serum.  Uterus.  Bronchitis.  Cancer.  Armpits.  Asthma.  Abscesses.  Alimentary Canals.  Digestion. Stomach gases, heartburn, hiccups, flatulence.  Pancreas.  Saliva.  Gastric Ulcers.  Hypochondria.  Coughs.  Nourishment, Food, Gardening.  Introversion, retrospection.  Lower ribs.  Nausea.

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