Spoiled Children of Divorce

World’s Most Wanted
September 27, 2011, 9:05 pm
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This might be a big score for the idea that Divorce makes the World a more pleasant place:  The Wikipedia List of the current World’s Most Wanted Men.

I can’t tell for sure but I think that most of them come from Intact Families.

Sigh, not even the FBI and Interpol want us…  Well, it’s a good thing to lack self-esteem and a carefree childhood.

Either that, or it helps to have been exposed to one’s own private War in one’s family early on in life to know what’s not worth pursuing in life.

Astrologically there’s an interesting thing going on here.  I could only find the birth dates of 8 out of the 10 men on the list.  The other dates may be wrong as well since most of them have multiple names and birth dates.  Anyway, 6 out of 10 of these guys are born under Cardinal Sun Signs.  This means that the current powerful outer planet t-square has stressed them out.  I mean, I’m sure most of them wish back to the good old days when they could run around committing mayhem in private, without all this spy camera stuff.

The Pity Party
September 26, 2011, 10:02 pm
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Don’t know if the phrase “Pity Party” is used by younger generations these days.  This was what Children of Divorce were called if they added any emotional input about what they were feeling when discussing their home lives back in my day.  Kids couldn’t say anything.  The School Counselor would silently stare at you in all knowingness if he/she heard that your parents were divorcing.  The police I have read automatically stop wondering about a child’s motive for committing a crime if the kid is from divorce. But, nothing is discussed.  I think we all must be waiting for more Statistics to come out or something.

I assume that things haven’t changed much.  Maybe the Stepmothers are more vocal about how they are not evil.  Therapists are all divorced so they instantly go into denial.  Most aren’t from divorced homes.  Most are extroverts who can’t stand to be alone no matter what so I don’t even understand why they are interested in psychology in the first place.  (Shouldn’t extroverts go into sociology?).

Kids who lost a parent to death are now allowed to speak out because it is understood that loss of a parent is a terrible thing which needs to be addressed so that the child doesn’t live locked in fear and guilt and unspoken grief.  Even then the grief is allowed to come back over and over again at times in life.  That’s just what happens.   And, some study out there found that children from divorce are much worse off as adults than children whose parent died but we won’t go there due to the Pity Party side of things.

And NPR, that great fascist bastion of all leftover resentments from the 1950s never, ever discusses divorce, unless it’s from a stepparents’ point of view.  Instead NPR has discovered the new generation of kids who are just like themselves.  This new generation hasn’t come to the U.S. out of need.  Rather they have come from stable homes in middle class burbs and have arrived in the U.S. to strike a payload.   NPR will go on and on about these children while ignoring the kids in the U.S. who are not only being displaced by their sort of, shall we call it Callous attitudes, but who have already been displaced by their own families.

I don’t have a source but just read somewhere that the study of the psychology of immigration has lagged behing other disciplines, like sociology and economics, greatly.  About 70 percent of Hispanics who go to college major in psychology so the whole thing gets really weird really fast.  The Hispanics see themselves as long suffering I guess.   I just really wonder.  How can you go to College for four years and never ever wonder about the impact of your own life experience on both yourself and the people around you? Asians and East Indians come from cultures which don’t really have any study of psychology.   That makes things simple.  They are sort of coming out of the same 1950s mentality that most NPR programming is coming out of.  I think I even read an article mocking Michele Bachman for having family values even though her own upbringing was from a divorced family.  All the immigrants will immediately discuss economics so I suppose that’s their only concern

But, today I did hear an expert on the NPR show today discuss Children of Immigration.  She discussed it in terms of trauma.  She didn’t discuss any of the reality.  She didn’t discuss how there is a great difference of character between those who come to a country out of need as opposed to coming to a country just for fun.  She certainly didn’t discuss the effects of immigration on the people who actually live in the country.  A child who was interviewed on the show simply wrote the locals off as being economically superior.  He mentioned everything that was wrong with American kids which is why the immigrant kids have to go to their own school in order to seal themselves off.  This of course is what affirmative action does to these folks.

The expert said that children need to openly talk about traumas associated with immigration. Personally, I think these kids need to be told to shut the hell up and learn some manners.

Really interesting:  The expert on the psychology of children who immigrate said that the kids never lose that feeling of wanting to go back home, even at end of life.

Hmmm,  I wonder if someday an expert will talk about what Children of Divorce do about those problems.  Home?

Oh well, oh well, oh well.  If all these arrogant brats are immigrating you might as well become a great Host.

Brazil Feeds Girls From Broken Homes to Men Being Held in Jail

Read an article in USAToday which said that child abuse tends to go up when the country is in recession.  The article says that most of the abuse is aimed against babies and very young children as their parents can’t handle the stress of financial problems and caring for a child.  Why don’t pediatricians ever talk out about this type of problem as it is connected with Divorce.  Doesn’t matter I suppose.  My parents divorced during a recession so maybe the excuse is that I was abused because of the financial problems and not because of the divorce.  The type of mentality that can separate this stuff is called “Denial.”  Nobody practices “denial” more than folks connected with the medical profession — that’s only my opinion.

Really scary stories coming out of Brazil.  A 14 year old girl was released from a jail on Saturday night after being held in prison for 4 days.  She was gang raped the entire time by a group of men who were also in her cell.  Apparently this is typical.  The police capture young women on minor or even false charges in order to feed the men who are being kept in the jails.  A 15 year old girl was arrested (I originally wrote “captured” in stead of arrested because that’s a more accurate description) on Oct. 21, 2007 and held for weeks in a cell with 21 men.

Another time a 23 year old prostitute was held for a month as well.

This article describes how both the 15 year old and 23 year old victims were naturals for being victims of this type of crime because they come from “Broken Homes” and had been molested by step-fathers.

In the U.S., of course, nothing like this could possibly happen.  Nah, never.

I’ve discussed before the relationship I’ve noticed how the news of women who are murdered by Husbands/Boyfriends often seem to come from Broken Homes.  Even without the molestation from the step-father this seems to be a trend.  There’s  a statistic floating around on the internet which backs up my theory but haven’t got a clue if it’s accurate.

What’s fascinating about all the articles which discuss child abuse is that they never seem to come with information that will help the victims.  It seems that if a kid is reading that type of thing he/she should be given some advice.  Guess they can’t do that because the kids from intact homes will hog up all the services.  Kids with healthy self-esteem scream loudest.