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IQ Changes during Adolescence
October 22, 2011, 5:56 pm
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An “Atlantic Monthly” article describes a study from 2004 that was performed on children in adolescence. The IQ’s of 33 children between the ages of 12 and 16 were tested and the results show that IQs rise or drop significantly between those ages. This was only in a study of 33 children, we don’t know what demographics they were from, etc. etc. but this does show that children who come across as either very bright or very slow should not be judged further on down the line because their performance can change.

The changes were in Verbal IQ, which is activated by articulating speech, and non-verbal IQ, which is activated by movements of the hand. Astrologically, this looks like a situation that is ruled by Mercury.

One can see that at Age 12 the child is most influenced by his/her Jupiter Return. This is related to broad minded thinking and expressing opinions and optimism.  This would be a time when a child could be best introduced to the idea of going to college because he will interested in broadening his vision.

At roughly Age 13-14 children go through two major cycle transits involving oppositions and maturation. Oppositions are related to relationships with the outside world. If stressed at that time and ignored and not guided/allowed to develop properly a child could develop all kinds of problems related to energies related to Moon and Saturn.

First, at roughly Age 13, a child then goes through his first secondary progressed Lunar Opposition. This is a time when a child goes inward and seeks out his own needs (among other things). A child at this age needs emotional support in order to allow this interior process to go on so that he can make meaningful decisions. There is a tertiary progressed Mercury, Venus and Mars return which occurs around these ages which might influence how this works. Mercury rules hands and communication. Venus, as I’ve shown, is also very connected with how a child develops his mercury as she exhibits the desire to connect with things and people which makes development of Mercury communications possible. Mars rules the brain and head. When these teritiary progressed returns happen varies widely from chart to chart because of retrogrades.

Second, at roughly Age 14, a child goes through his first Saturn opposition. Saturn is considered the planet that exhibits maturity through planning, life goals, concern over status and career, and decision making.

Saturn and Moon at this point are farthest from their natal spots so there will be a test of some sort in this regard. Saturn rules tests and needs guidance in understanding how to deal with failure and/or success properly within society. The Moon is concerned about how to deal with failure and/or success within the family.

Some children who are born during Sun-Venus conjunctions will follow a strong 8 year cycle in their lives. This year for example, there has been a very long period of Sun and Venus transits so many children will perhaps deal with this energy in 8 year cycles. The famous idea of “Sweet 16” for girls is typical of this energy. Venus rules girls and social popularity and being pretty. Adding the Sun enhances the need to be popular. Both boys and girls will have a strong desire for Romance and Chivalry.

One could look at these return cycles to try to understand what are sensitive times for a child. Anything related to Moon and Saturn will show a stunting of development as these two planets are strongly tied in with insecurities and feeling picked on which can literally stop development.


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