Spoiled Children of Divorce

Article about Intimate Relationships, by Ottaway, 2010
October 1, 2012, 9:13 pm
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Good article which sums of research findings about how children of divorce function in intimate relationships as adults. Interesting to see how different the Findings of the studies are by researcher.

Intimacy problems are looked at through relationships with parents, or lack of relationship, gender differences. I like the section on trust. That always seem to be the actual word that adult children of divorce use, in my experience which, admittedly, is not vast.

Interesting that one study found that girls often rush into relationships and marriages and repeat whatever negative relationships they had with their fathers. Boys are more aloof and less inclined to rush into relationships. These are generallyconsidered the two different trauma responses of rape survivors.

full article available to read on a PDF.

“The Impact of Parental Divorce on the Intimate Relationships od Adult Offspring: a Review of the Literature” by Amber J. Ottaway, Marquette University. J. Of Counseling Psychology. v.2, issue 1, art. 5. 8/18/2010.

Study on children of divorce by Zill, Morrison and Coiro, 1993
October 1, 2012, 8:09 pm
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Just read the abstract for a study associated with the National Survey of Children called “Long term effects of parental divorce on parent-child relationships, adjustment, and achievement in young adulthood.”. Authors are Nicholas Zill, Donna K. Morrison, and Mary J. Coiro.

Journal of family relationships,vol.7 (1) jun 1993

In 18-22 year olds negative relationships were reported in 65 percent of Fathers and 30 Percent of Mothers. 25 percent had dropped out of high school. 40 percent had received psych help. These numbers are apparently twice what they are for the same age groups even when adjusted for demographics and socioeconomics.