Spoiled Children of Divorce

Tv Show About Divorce at Thanksgiving
November 24, 2012, 9:14 pm
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Just saw the Thanksgiving show for the tv series, New Girl.  The lead character who is played by Zoey Descatries invites her divorced parents to have Thanksgiving together with her roommates.

First part of the show has the roommates discussing how shocked they are that she has to celebrate the holiday twice.

second half of the show she’s trying to get her parents back together again in a parent trap scheme.  I won’t wreck the ending.  Jamie lee Curtis and Carl reiner play the parents.

one insightful skit was where her mother and her friend are getting it on.  This is handled light heatedly.  Having been there I sort of wonder how many cods actually find that to be an easy experience to digest emotionally.

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happy holidays

Cycling Champions, Divorce at First Mars Return, Age2
November 11, 2012, 12:15 am
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Read an article in the Guardian newspaper about Bradley Wiggins, the English cyclist who recently won the Tour de France.  The article describes Wiggins’ childhood and I found it interesting that, like Lance Armstrong, Wiggins’ father left his mother when he was two.

This is great for an athlete from Divorce because Age 2 is under the rulership of Mars in a child’s development and is the age when Mars has just completed his first full orbit around a child’s chart.   Mars is probably one of the key rulers of athletic abilities because he rules the physical body.  A child whose development is somehow put under stress while at this age will maybe hold on to the qualities from this age and use them for good or bad as an adult.

I wanted to look up the astrology of these two athletes because age 2 is the astrological cycle.  As I said Mars is the ruler of the physical body and of learning motor coordination. Mars is ruler of the first sign and house of the horoscope and so likes to be first.  That’s very good for a competitor.  Mars also rules the quality of willfulness so it is a strong planet to look at for anything having to do with sports.   Mars is also connected with impulsiveness, recklessness and daredevils.  Mars can tend to act before he thinks.  Mars perfectly describes the terrible twos stage of development. Mars often is associated with early success because he is connected with youthfulness.  Mars rules the male side of human relationship.  The Venus return which rules the female side of relationships finishes its first cycle.  What’s interesting in Lance Armstrong’s case is that Mars rules the brain and Armstrong had a brain tumor very early in life.

Bradley Wiggins is the new winner of the Tour de France.  This news comes just as champion Lance Armstrong has had to give up all his trophies and has been banned from professional racing forever for using performance enhancing drugs.  One can see some sort of issue in this regard through his chart.  He was born just as Saturn was stationing retrograde which can be a stressful indicator for dealing with failure of some sort in life and his natal Sturn opposes an exact conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune in Sagittarius which can show recklessness with perhaps pushing his luck unrealistically.  Jupiter and Neptune also rule drugs and alcohol and they oppose Saturn which can show a problem with depression if not carefully watched.  His use of drugs in professional sports is just one story among many of his generation.  These are slow moving generational planets.  Wiggins on the other hand has many positive aspects.  He was born with Saturn Rx as well but his progressed Saturn Stationed Direct in 2003.  Saturn Rx can show some problems with dealing with success because of Father issues and it’s interesting to note that both men did not have good Father roles models.

As I said, it’s very interesting that both cyclists were 2 years old when their fathers left.  What’s even more interesting is that both men have mars in conjunction with their north nodes (destiny).  The north node is one end of an axis which is connected with describing the direction of the life path.  There is a constant struggle to balance being pulled back into bad habits of the south node while trying to push forward into the good habits of the north node.  The men have natal Mars in opposite signs.  Armstrong has Mars-NN in Aquarius.  Wiggins has Mars-NN in Leo.  They are struggling with the same Nodal Axis but with opposite ends.
For anyone who is interested…Wiggins is a Taurus sun with Libra moon.  Lance Armstrong is a double Virgo.  Both have earth suns, for what that’s worth.
I suspect that Armstrong has a stronger connection with being from divorce and a step-family situation as Aquarius is one of the major rulers of Divorce and Step-Families.  Aquarius is the sign connected with rebelling from the father figure, Saturn.  Funny, all the planetary aspects I’ve described which could perhaps give him problems in life also are responsible for his extreme good works in helping people who are sick with Cancer.
Either way, Mars-NN  gives information about boys who had to feel the loss of a father and then competition with a stepfather. Riding a bike was probably a very positive outlet for both men while growing up.  At age 2 children like to play with toys.  They will play around each other but generally don’t develop the social skills which come by Age 3.    The first mars cycle is associated with beginning to play with toys, at any rate.  Kids from divorce often do very well if they develop a pasttime which keeps them busy so they are not considered needy.
 Stephanie Staal’s  book The Love They Lost interviews a man whose parents divorced when he was 2 years old and describes a very Martian attitude towards his parents divorce and how his childhood unfolded.  He felt that at an early age he lost ranking of being number one to his mother through his stepfather.  It’s really incredible how almost his entire quote is full of mars types of words.  I wrote about it before but don’t know if it has been deleted as I’m being stalked online by illegal alien gangs who are stalking me both online and in person.
This age can also be the child who blames himself for his parents divorce.  These children have just completed their first planetary returns of Venus and Mars which are associated with relationship and so probably confuse their parents struggles with their own internal stage of development.
Wiggins has Mars/NN also in conjunction with Jupiter.  He was born with a Grand Trine which can bring protection.  He may also have a Mystic Rectangle which would be another helpful aspect in dealing with life.
Article from the guardian describes Wiggins’ childhood.