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December 11, 2012, 9:58 pm
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Sesame Street has decided to make a special show for Children of Divorce but, for whatever reason, it won’t be shown on their TV Show.  Instead they will offer the show, called Little Children, Big Challenges:  Divorce, online.  I heard that the most popular children’s book of recent years is the one about pooping.  And, as much as I love toilet humor, I admit that I’m extremely out of touch with what parents want their kids to do in their spare time.

Time Magazine has written a great article describing the problem of how Sesame Street is trying to handle the topic of Children of Divorce in the article “D is for Divorce:  Sesame Street Tackles Another Touchy Topic.”  They replaced the crying kid who is first confronting his parents’ divorce in a failed 1992 segment with a pink fairy whose parents have been divorced for years.  This means that kids who have been filtered through a few years of divorce get to turn into fairies which is probably fun for little girls and gay boys.  The fairy probably has wings and can fly from one house to another without losing luggage at the airport or getting stopped by the cops when out late at night on a skateboard.  Remember Tyler whatsihisname in Florida who was blamed by the entire community and the media of savagely dismembering the neighborhood cats.  (Then it was revealed that some dogs did it and the media never appropriately exonerated the kid?.)

The Website will have information for parents as well as entertainment for children.  Parents keeping their claws firmly embedded.  Sorry, just had to get that in there.  This is just so frustrating.

I think it’s very sad that the subject has to be segregated from the TV shows because this means that children from divorce still can’t talk about the subject with their peers from intact families.  And peers will continue to give their opinions about the subject.  Seems that one show about the bullying comments on spoiling, 2 presents at Christmas, creepy single parents and whatever comes out of these little (and big) monster’s mouths would be a lot more constructive than hypocritical psychotherapy sidelined on the web.  Another show could make fun of the over empathetic response, something my brother calls “Puppy Dog Face,” which makes kids feel self conscious and annoyed.  They can only discuss the topic that sometimes Divorce is for the best.  I’d also like to see a show making fun of that comment.  Maybe a furry red  creature could be shown marfing down rock solid kernels of truth so that the 75 to 80 percent of kids who feel totally screwed by their parents’ divorces could have a say in the matter.

Maybe Sesame Street could have special shows on how to put together meals from off of the doggie bags from Mommy’s dates.   Saturday Night Live did the one about the 6 year old who got dragged to one of Daddy’s dates.  That was a success.  And followed it up with a kid talking to Mommy’s date from the night before at the breakfast table.  That was great.  I didn’t grow up on Sesame Street.  My parents got a divorce when I was 14 in the 70s and so I guess I grew up more in the Saturday Night Live mode as it is.  And I don’t have kids which is proof that there is a God in Heaven.

Really interesting how Sesame Street has been on TV through the entire Divorce Boom and still can’t figure out how to integrate Children of Divorce into the show.    Wish I could say that it’s all just for the best.

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