Spoiled Children of Divorce

California Statistics for lawyers and psychologists
April 26, 2013, 6:29 am
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California is one of a handful of states in the U.S. which does not keep track of divorce statistics.  Am trying to figure out why. Divorce is so popular that members of the psych field will automatically say that divorce does not affect the children. They don’t rely on science in order to get that information. How could they? There isn’t any data. Call it opinion. Call it a belief system. What we can’t call it is science or medicine.

I went to the public library and with the help of a really cool reference librarian I came up with the following statistics which I think adequately shows why there is such a lack of advocacy for the welfare of children of divorce in the stAte. As they say, all the money goes to the lawyers.

According to the 2012 U.S.Census there are 38,041,430 people in california.

According to the California Board of Psychology there are 18,023 licensed psychologists. 1,687 of these are out of state and 108 are out of country. So, there are/were in 2012 16,336 licensed psychologists running doing the talkie talk.

There is one shrink for every 2,321 people roughly (I did the math by hand, so when I say roughly I really mean roughly)

I was surprised how few psychologists there are since about half of college students seem to be psychology majors and psychology is such a common subject of discussion.

I don’t think that children of divorce go into psychology very often so most of the psychologists who are here probably come from intact families and are not native Californians. That’s just a guess and observation on my part but would explain the lack of sympathy on the subject. One psychiatrist I talked to about my frustration about not being able to talk about my childhood said that she thought it wouldn’t be polite to ask a therapist if they were divorced or had grown up in divorce. Huge stigma blocking treatment.

On the other hand, California has gobs of lawyers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that about 1 in 300 people in California is a lawyer. Busy busy busy.

The American Bar Association counts 159,824 lawyers for last year, 2012. There are all types of law. Not all member of the bar association practice law. But still, that’s a lot of lawyers.

There are about 7 lawyers for every therapist.

About a quarter of the state’s therapists are in the Los Angeles area.

Most therapists are probably divorced themselves. That’s personal observation.

Since California is the most populated state and probably has the highest divorce rate I think this is sort of interesting. Mostly it’s really weird and somewhat pathetic.

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