Spoiled Children of Divorce

Scientific American magazine lies about effects of Divorce
June 19, 2013, 8:42 pm
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Article from March 2013 scientific american discusses how divorce doesn’t hurt the kids. The comments are great at pointing out the politics involved with telling this lie and asks about the extra 15 percent of children who are damaged by their parents divorce.

Are whistleblowers children of divorce?
June 10, 2013, 10:59 pm
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It would make sense that whistleblowers would tend to be from divorce.

They have grown up with much more responsibility than their peers and don’t have the sense of both being protected by a family and needing to follow authoritarian rule of law the way that people from intact homes do.  Their parents are risk takers and so they are too. Uranus is thought by some to rule whistle blowing. Uranus is also thought to rule divorce.

Turns out that two young men are currently under fire for blowing the whistle on wrong doings of the government.  You won’t find this level of nerve coming from the kids from the intact family.

Bradley Manning downloaded secure posts showing senseless murders which the militry had refused to admit to from his post in the army where he worked in intelligence.

Manning was around 13 years old when his parents divorced.

The ages 7-8 and 13-14 are maybe the worst ages for kids going through divorce according to my astrology research. These ages are phases of childhood ruled by the two planets which rules the parents and home life. The parents have to take special care to maintain their parenting roles if their children are this age. The moon requires stable housing and nutrition and care. Saturn requires discipline, learning to fail, taking responsibility for ones actions, goal setting. Both planets represent difficult emotional problems with anger and depression if under stress. The child will often not receive parenting during the divorce and could take on the sadness and bitterness of the parents. The child will perhaps also obviously take control later on in life in cases like this where no one else will have the guts to speak out. Probably all the children of divorce speaking out on human rights abuses is the reason why the NSA is feeling a need to spy on everything that citizens have been doing.

The secondary progressed lunar opposition occurs at around age 13, usually right before the first Saturn opposition at around 14. The moon brings about a time of introversion and sensitivity and moodiness and a sense that no one understands oneself. Bradley Mannings biography on Wikipedia says that he was the subject of much bullying from this age onward. That can be a typical progressed lunar square and opposition problem, feeling picked on. Manning moved a lot (h4). His mother (moon) had a drinking problem. Manning began to understand that he was homosexual at this age as well. (I don’t have any solid research on this but there may be a connection between homosexuality and timing of first prog. Moon and Saturn squares and oppositions. That is, I’ve seen 2 other charts where kids may have experienced these events occuring out of normal sequence, the Saturn transit occurred before the lunar progression. And the parents divorced. Can’t say without birth times where the lunar placement is.)

Another whistleblower, 29 year old Edward snowden, has now surfaced, this time a prodigy of the CIA who is exposing secret spying campaigns by the government. It seems that parents are also divorced. I don’t know what age.

(Edit, June 18. Online biographies say that Snowden’s parents divorced when he was 18. I’ve never looked at a chart for this age but have anticipated that it can lock in an identification with the first lunar node return which occurs at around age 18, 9 months. This could possibly project a heightened identification with feeling one has a strong life path. I always thought I might look to see if the individual plays out the prodigal son myth in his life. Snowden has a Gemini north node which is in conjunction with his Mars and opposing his Sagittarius south node-Neptune conjunction. Communicating strong messages would be very important for him. And he’s a natural born illusionist. One can use all aspects for either good or bad. I feel that snowden is using his powers for good.)

In both cases the fathers remarried and I believe the mothers have remained single, but I’m not certain about that. Please correct me if I don’t have the correct information.

Both men have moon in Scorpio as well as other placements in their natal charts which show deep connections with both their country and their generation and Able to fight the government (saturn) while projecting their deep humanity out onto the public (moon). Scorpio is the sign which deals with death, sex and taxes, but also privacy and taboo and strength of will. scorpio will not act with the herd if the herd is wrong. Killer instinct can be used for good just as much as it can be used for evil. The world is having to take on very difficult arguments on what is right and wrong because of these brave men.

These are only 2 examples so one can’t make any conclusions off of this information, of course. I’m just noting how interesting this is because nobody ever pays attention. I suspect that most children of divorce suffer from bystander effect much more than whistleblower effect from all of those years of having to stand around watching and staying silent. Most children of divorce are more sensitive in the way that they have watched those they love and depend on suffer from such an early age.