Spoiled Children of Divorce

Are Members of Congress Children of Divorce?
February 29, 2016, 11:44 pm
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It’s an election year so became curious about members of Congress. Does the United States tend to elect Children of Divorce? President Obama, of course, is the most distinguished COD on the planet. But, what about the others? From the looks of it…are there any others?

I went through all the Wikipedia articles of the current 543 members of congress because I’m totally nuts. I found 19 members who let it be known that their parents split. Of that group 3 were adults when their parents split so they didn’t grow up with divorce. This means that in an age where 40-50 percent of children are being raised by single parents, only about 3-4 percent of the country’s top leaders come from this experience.

This doesn’t mean that other members of congress aren’t from divorce, it just means that the others either fear the stigma of saying that their parents split, or they don’t feel it was a big deal, or they live in denial of their feelings. They probably also feel that Global Warming doesn’t exist either.

Anyway, Thanks to the following leaders who are brave enough to mention this experience in their lives. I know it takes guts.

Heres the list that I’ve come up with. There’s an article out on the web called “10 weirdest members of congress.” Three Children of Divorce are on it, almost 30 percent of the list, so I guess that when we do decide to take on a leadership role we really go all out. http://www.citypages.com/news/the-10-weirdest-members-of-congress-6765990

Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin, Democrat. Divorce at age 19.

Joaquin Castro, Texas, Democrat. Parents never married.

Ted Cruz, Texas, Republican. Parents split age 4, reconciled, then divorced age 27.

Trent Franks, Arizona, Republican. Not sure about age, think it was around Age 3.

Ruben Gallego, Arizona, Democrat. Age given as “young.”

Kirsten E. Gillibrand, New York, Democrat. Age 22.

James A. Homes, Connecticut, Democrat. Age 10.

Mazie K. Hirino, Hawaii, Democrat. Age 5?

Joseph P. Kennedy III, Massachusetts, Democrat. Age 11?

James Lankford, Oklahoma, Republican. Age 4.

David Loebsack, Iowa, Democrat. Age?

Randy Neugebauer, Texas, Republican. Age 9.

Charles B. Rangel, New York, Democrat. Age 6.

Tom Rice, South Carolina, Republican. Age 4.

Bobby L. Rush, Illinois, Democrat. Age 7.

Tim Scott, South Carolina, Republican. Age 7.

Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona, Democrat. Age given as “child.”

Marc A. Veasey, Texas, Democrat. Age 10.

Maxine Waters, California, Democrat. Age 2.




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