Spoiled Children of Divorce

MedCircle Interviews on Suicidal Ideation
January 24, 2020, 1:20 am
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MedCircle is a great company which posts the interviews that you, or at least I, always wish I could find with a mental health professional. I suffer from chronic suicidal ideation which has come and gone a lot in my life. It started with my Mother’s suicide attempts during my parents’ divorce which caused severe PTSD which psychiatrists didn’t treat at the time and which I won’t ever receive any treatment or even recognition of. I was always the one who found my Mother and had to call for help. At one attempt she drank Clorox. She was also extremely drunk. The police took her to the Mental Hospital where she was locked in a room and left overnight. In the morning she had no pulse or heartbeat. My Father moved her to a private hospital. And he suffered from chronic suicidal ideation after that. My brother is lucky. He just blanks things out and doesn’t remember anything.

Anyway, here is a link to a MedCircle talk on Suicidal Ideation between the really excellent interviewer Kyle Kittelson and a brilliant psychiatrist, Dr. Judy Ho. Dr. Ho even mentions divorce as a reason for suicidal ideation a couple of times although she doesn’t mention child of divorce and suicide. I wonder what suicide rates are for children of divorce but I guess this is more suppressed information that we don’t discuss. There is a small segment included in the the last talk with a woman named Ginger. She does talk about the effect of her parent’s divorce on her depression. I think. I watched that a while ago and maybe am not remembering correctly.

At any rate, you can watch the whole show if you pay about $10/month. It’s worth it. There are other amazing talks as well. It’s much cheaper and more effective than starting with a $200 therapist who is a single divorced Mother who will become hostile if you mention your feelings.

Little dribs and drabs occasionally do pop up…

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