Spoiled Children of Divorce

Article About Adolescents Going Through Divorce
March 10, 2011, 12:33 am
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Link to Psychology Today article “Parental Divorce and Adolescents” addresses attitudes of Adolescents going through Divorce which are different from younger children.

The split off date is Age 9.  The ages noticed by this author, Carl Pickhardt, Ph.D., correspond with the Nodal Axis Cycle.  Age 9 represents the first opposition that the Nodal Axis makes to itself.  This is supposed to be a time of confusion in anybody’s life, divorce or no divorce.  Age 9 is also the time of the first Lilith Return, that’s the Dark Side of the Moon, in divorce especially.  I don’t want to go there.

Kids under Age 9 are dependent and attached to their parents.  Kids over Age 9 and up to Age 18 are rebellious and going through a splitting away from parents.  They will often mimic their parents’ self-serving attitudes. Age 18.9 is the first Nodal Return in a person’s life.  The Nodes are connected with the life path and destiny.

Children Age 15-18 have special needs related to expressing Love and Romance.  That relates to the 8 year Sun-Venus Cycle which people with Sun-Venus conjunctions have.  Friends and Social Skills are very important in the life at this time.

The article is oriented towards educating the parents.  There’s a good set of vows spelled out that Divorced parents ought to try to follow.  A lot of advice is to give the children a lot more responsibility.  This corresponds with one of the major partial cycles, the first opposition that Saturn makes to itself at around Age 14.  The Jupiter Return occurs around Age 11.  That’s when the real party begins for those kids who are born to party.  The secondary Progressed Lunar Opposition occurs usually about 6 months before the 1st Saturn opposition.  That’s related to family as well but is connected with a phase of moodiness and introversion and sensitivity.  Jupiter’s pretty jolly except for occasional bouts of over-doing things, but p.Moon and Saturn can be related to depression if the parenting is inadequate at this point.  The phase is related to growing maturity, and physical changes, of course.  Jupiter might be related to Sex, Moon to Reproduction and then Saturn to Social Status and Goal setting.  The oppositions are hyper sensitive to others as oppositions often represent relationships.